RESULTS: 2022 NOGA Net Series Stroke Play #2

2022 NOGA Net Series Stroke Play #2

Three golfers tied for the top spot in the Northern Ohio Golf Association’s Net Series Stroke Play #2 at Westfield Country Club.

Chet Feldman (Brookledge Golf Course), David Causey (Findlay Country Club), Mark Hach (NOHIO.GOLF Club) each shot net rounds of 2-under par 69 on the Westfield South Course.

Ken Bauza (Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club) and Mike Stiller (USGA/Northern Ohio Golf Club) both finished tied for fourth with net rounds of 70 (-1).

The next NOGA Net Series event will be the Modified Scotch at Sylvania Country Club on Wednesday, August 3.

NOGA logo 2022FINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2022 NOGA Net Series Stroke Play #2

Westfield Country Club South Course, Westfield, Ohio
Monday, July 25, 2022

T1 Chet Feldman, Brookledge Golf Course 69 $190.00
T1 David Causey, Findlay CC 69 $190.00
T1 Mark Hach, NOHIO.GOLF Club 69 $190.00
T4 Ken Bauza, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 70 $105.00
T4 Mike Stiller, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 70 $105.00
T6 David Schwarz, Sharon Golf Club 71 $80.00
T6 Dennis Graham, Fox Den Golf Course 71 $80.00
T6 Joe Balint, NOHIO.GOLF Club 71 $80.00
T9 Britt Lilley, Oberlin Golf Club 72 $36.00
T9 Jake Mussay, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 72 $36.00
T9 gary Weinhauer, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 72 $36.00
T9 Garth Paul, Red Tail Golf Club 72 $36.00
T9 Wade Woods, Raintree Golf and Event Center 72 $36.00
T14 Doug Phillips, NOHIO.GOLF Club 73
T14 Pat Graham, Grey Hawk Golf Club 73
T14 Roy Jones, Grey Hawk Golf Club 73
T14 Alex Williams, Big Met Golf Course 73
T14 David Fries, Chardon Lakes Golf Course 73
T14 Dennis Dempsey, Quail Hollow Country Club 73
T14 Eric Mintz, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 73
T21 Ted Macaulay, Ashland Golf Club 74
T21 Mark Wilhelm, Good Park Golf Course 74
T21 Beau Sloan, Silver Lake Country Club 74
T21 Jeff Mihalick, Plum Brook Country Club 74
T21 Paul Derov, NOHIO.GOLF Club 74
T26 Aaron Kazan, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 75
T26 Tom Jalbert, NOHIO.GOLF Club 75
T26 Michael Brenner, Cleveland II TG GC 75
T26 John Brocklehurst, Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 75
T26 John Toth, Fox Den Golf Course 75
T26 Harrison Vonderau, Red Tail Golf Club 75
T26 Bob Russell, Firestone Country Club 75
T26 Steve Bedell, NOHIO.GOLF Club 75
T34 Joshua Prok, NOHIO.GOLF Club 77
T34 Connie Russell, Firestone Country Club 77
T34 Jeffrey Jenkins, Legends of Massillon 77
T37 Pat Tournoux, NOHIO.GOLF Club 78
T37 Jake SugarPine Hills Golf Club 78
T37 John Melnik, NOHIO.GOLF Club 78
40 Randy Skeen, Good Park Golf Course 79
41 Tom Begley, Firestone Country Club 80
T42 Carl Van Bolderen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 81
T42 Ron Benco, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 81
T42 Bill Sahnd, Red Tail Golf Club 81
45 T Murray, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 83
T46 Tom Mitchen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 84
T46 Duke Sipple, Red Tail Golf Club 84
WD Brian Collins, Shady Hollow Country Club WD
 DNF Matthew Black, NOHIO.GOLF Club  DNF


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