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A near-perfect back nine on Saturday at Zoar Golf Club led to a tie at the top of the 2021 Yuengling 3-Man Step Back Scramble.

Ryan Yip and Phil Bojc shot 8-under par on the scramble side, pushing them to victory in the 2020 Fox Den Black Friday 2-Man Jumble.

Jimmy Wild, Steve Blackburn Jr. and Ryan Stefanski shot 16-under par to win the Chippewa Thanks&Giving 3-Man Scramble in Doylestown.

The team of Jimmy Wild, Ryan Stefanski, Matt Frey and Nick Foschia captured the 2020 Mill Creek Snowbird 4-M Scramble in Boardman on Nov 22.

Bob Blaze, Pete Sirianni and Joe Sandine lapped the field in the Yankee Run Big Cup Scramble on Sat, Nov 7th.

Four teams tied at the top, but Steve Blackburn Jr. and Jimmy Wild won a skin and two pin shots to finish as the big winners.

Ryan Andrews and Davis McClure birdied three of their last four holes to shoot 64 and win the Pine Hills Extreme 2-M Scramble by one shot.

Mike Simpson and Ryan Culbertson posted an outstanding 9-under par 63 to claim first place on Saturday at Zoar.