RESULTS: 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford

Steve Pasquale, 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford Champion
Steve Pasquale, 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford Champion

Steve Pasquale (Little Mountain Country Club) finished in first place with the high score: a total of 39 net points.

The Northern Ohio Golf Association conducted an individual stableford format net event at Glenmoor Country Club on Monday, July 18. In the stableford format, a double eagle is 5 points, an eagle is 4 points, a birdie is 3 points, a par is 2 points, a bogey is 1 point and a double bogey or higher is 0 points.

“The first three or four holes I was a little nervous and I actually bogeyed the first couple of holes and had a double bogey,” Pasquale said. “Then I steadied it out and played well. I drove the ball well except for a couple of times. I hit a lot of good iron shots and that what saved me. Gave myself a lot of looks at birdie.”

Mark Wilhelm (Good Park Golf Course) and James Chiofolo (Brookside Country Club) finished in a tie for second place with 38 points and Doug Fifner (Oberlin Golf Club) finished in solo fourth place with 36 points. Rick Bock (Brookledge Golf Course) and David Causey (Findlay Country Club) finished tied for fifth place with 35 points.

The next NOGA Net Series event is the Jan Taylor Mixed Couples is Thursday at Toledo Country Club.

— Justin Golba, USGA/NOGA Communications

NOGA logo 2022FINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford

Glenmoor Country Club, Canton, Ohio
Monday, July 18, 2022

1 Steve Pasquale, Little Mountain Country Club 39 $230.00
T2 Mark Wilhelm, Good Park Golf Course 38 $190.00
T2 James Chiofolo, Brookside Country Club 38 $190.00
4 Hugh Morgan, Stonewater Golf Club 37 $160.00
T5 Doug Fifner, Oberlin Golf Club 36 $145.00
T5 john Yurik, Pine Hills Golf Club 36 $145.00
T7 Rick Bock, Brookledge Golf Course 35 $110.00
T7 David Causey, Findlay CC 35 $110.00
T7 Joe Marshall, Brookside Country Club 35 $110.00
T7 Jason Whitfield, Silver Lake Country Club 35 $110.00
T7 Mike Stiller, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 35 $110.00
T12 Daniel Mills, Glenmoor Country Club 34 $65.00
T12 Roy Jones, Grey Hawk Golf Club 34 $65.00
T12 Pat Tournoux, NOHIO.GOLF Club 34 $65.00
T12 Ed White, Sweetbriar Golf Club 34 $65.00
T16 Jeff Skubic, Quail Hollow Country Club 33 $27.50
T16 Eric Mintz, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 33 $27.50
T16 Scott Bricker, NOHIO.GOLF Club 33 $27.50
T16 Bob Coy, Quail Hollow Country Club 33 $27.50
T20 Mike Stefko, Mayfield Sand Ridge Club 32
T20 Chris Finn, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 32
T20 Jeff Mihalick, Plum Brook Country Club 32
T20 Jeffrey Jenkins, Legends of Massillon 32
T20 Russell Teal, Chenoweth Golf Course 32
T20 Carl Van Bolderen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 32
T20 Matt Bova, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 32
T20 Brant Harbert, NOHIO.GOLF Club 32
T28 Frank Leopold, Brookside Country Club 31
T28 Rick Terens, Valley of the Eagles 31
T28 Steve Schaefer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 31
T28 Jacob Coker, Silver Lake Country Club 31
T28 David Fries, Chardon Lakes Golf Course 31
T28 Chuck Adya, Silver Lake Country Club 31
T28 Joe Balint, NOHIO.GOLF Club 31
T35 Derrick Tedrow, Oberlin Golf Club 30
T35 Britt Lilley, Oberlin Golf Club 30
T35 Jim Rosen, Firestone Country Club 30
T35 John Toth, Fox Den Golf Course 30
T35 David Eli, Manakiki Golf Course 30
T35 Jeff Vieira, Cuyahoga-North Coast Golf Association 30
T35 Joshua Prok, NOHIO.GOLF Club 30
T35 John Yurik, Pine Hills Golf Club 30
T35 Beau Sloan, Silver Lake Country Club 30
T44 Thomas Barnish, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 29
T44 Carol Bonavita, Congress Lake Club 29
T44 Rich Rosen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 29
T44 Mike Masterson, Sweetbriar Golf Club 29
T44 David Schwarz, Sharon Golf Club 29
T44 Ed Ruper, Brookledge Golf Course 29
T44 Wade Woods, Raintree Golf and Event Center 29
T44 Dave Arnold, Brookside Country Club 29
T52 Mike Butler, Good Park Golf Course 28
T52 Gail Hackett, Congress Lake Club 28
T52 Rick Norris, Oberlin Golf Club 28
T52 Ron Hulett, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 28
T52 Joel Recht, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 28
T52 Mike Dutt, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 28
T52 Todd Roman, Cleveland/Akron Area #191 28
T52 Dan J. Jindra, Pine Hills Golf Club 28
T52 Richard Weiss, Stonewater Golf Club 28
T52 Kevin Mcafee, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 28
T62 Robert Cummins, Good Park Golf Course 27
T62 John Dmytriw, Legend Lake Golf Club 27
T62 Scott Loudon, Ohio Prestwick Country Club 27
T62 Dominic Intorcio, Pine Ridge Country Club 27
66 Ben Aveni, Quail Hollow Country Club 26
T67 Natalie Sheerer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 25
T67 Jeff Miller, Oberlin Golf Club 25
T67 Mike Kungle, Brookledge Golf Course 25
T67 Doug Phillips, NOHIO.GOLF Club 25
T71 Dave Palchesko, Gleneagles Golf Club 24
T71 Bob Russell, Firestone Country Club 24
73 Tom Mitchen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 23
T74 Steve Cochrane, Silver Lake Country Club 22
T74 Randy Skeen, Good Park Golf Course 22
T74 Dan Jindra, Pine Hills Golf Club 22
T77 Greg Sheerer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 21
T77 Dennis Borton, Brookledge Golf Course 21
T77 Chris Dilworth, Raintree Golf and Event Center 21
T77 Connie Russell, Firestone Country Club 21
81 Paul Schoemaker, Brookside Country Club 18
WD Larry Zgrabik, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course WD