2022 Boys High School Preview: Suburban League

Stow Boys Golf Team
Stow Boys Golf Team

Suburban League

Format- League Tournaments Only
August 8th- Ellsworth Meadows
August 17th- Pine Hills
September 17th- Windmill Lakes
September 29th- Good Park
☆ – players and teams to watch

American Division

Aurora ☆

Team- Aurora Greenmen
Coach- Gus Mehallis

2021 Recap- 11th at District Tournament

Returning Players
Max Devins ☆ – 11th
Jude Abbass ☆ – 12th
Charlie Hesse- 12th


Team- Barberton Magics
Coach- David Kaser
Home Course- Pine Valley Golf Course
Team Website- barbertonmagics.org
2022 Schedule
Instagram- magics_golf

2021 Recap- Record 3-8. League – 7th place

Returning Players
Marco Silva- 10th
Devin Miller- 11th
Cole Macko- 10th

Potential New Contributors
Carter Macko- 12th
Joseph Hrabusa- 12th
Camren Vessels- 12th

Marco Silva had a fantastic start to his career as a freshman, making 1st team All-Conference. The Magics are looking to make progress this year and build on their youth.


Team- Copley Indians
Coach- Doug Boerema
Home Course- Firestone Public

2021 Recap- 11th at Sectionals

Returning Players
Andrew Whitis- 11th
Sean Nguyen- 10th

Cuyahoga Falls

Team- Cuyahoga Falls Black Tigers
Coach- Ric Blevins
Home Course- Brookledge
Team Website
Twitter- @BlackTigerGolf1

2021 Recap- Dual match record 0-12. Finished in 7th place in Suburban League- American Division

Returning Players
Ethan Sackett- 11th
Nathan Wilson- 11th
Ben Lafleur- 10th

Potential New Contributors
Dylan Paradis- 11th
Liam Watson- 10th
Max Lowe- 12th

The Black Tigers gained some very important experience in 2021. They are an Improving program with hopes to be more competitive over the next couple years. Coach Ric Blevins explains, “Our numbers are good, we lack experience.” Cuyahoga Falls will be led by two juniors and a sophomore this season.

Highland ☆

Team- Highland Hornets
Coach- Andrew Dutt
Home Course- Pine Hills

2021 Recap- 2nd in Suburban League American, 3rd place Akron Good Park Sectionals

Returning Players
Joey Kohmann- 12th
Drew Mamer- 11th
Ryan Przybysz- 11th
Nathan Sprutte- 11th

Potential New Contributors
Luke Butcher- 10th
Zach Butcher ☆ – 10th

Coach Andrew Dutt is looking for a big leap from the Hornets’ four returning letter winners. “I would like to compete and be in the mix for the Suburban League title and to get back to districts,” Dutt said. Highland definitely has a good chance of making that happen in 2022 with a good group of returning players and some newcomers who might make an impact.

Kent Roosevelt ☆

Team- Kent Roosevelt Rough Riders
Coach- Ben Curtis
Home Course- Windmill Lakes

2021 Recap- 4th place – Suburban League

Returning Players
Gavin Leslie ☆ – 12th
Peyton Singer- 12th
Liam Curtis ☆ – 10th
Christian Mineo- 11th

Potential New Contributors
Rowan Baynes- 11th
Trevor Lange- 9th
Jack Flynn- 9th
Tommy Kaschak- 9th


Team- Revere Minutemen
Coach- David Archer
Home Course- Fairlawn Country Club
2022 Schedule

2021 Recap- 5th Place in Suburban League – American Division, 6 Wins 2 losses in 9 Hole Matches

Returning Players
Grant Banning- 11th
Gio Lucarelli-Devorak- 11th
Drew Malajikian- 11th
Jack Kinder- 10th
Dillon Carlquist- 12th

Potential New Contributors
Vince Ieraci- 11th
Owen Lipstreu- 11th
Andrew Farrow- 11th
Michael Zachary- 10th

A motto that the Revere golf team lives by is, “In this game it’s not about how ‘far’ you hit it, but rather how ‘few’.” Coach David Archer also created one of the more unique traditions in Northeast Ohio Golf. This year the 2nd Annual Revere Golf Friday Night Lights Event will take place on Friday, August 26th at 4:30 at Fairlawn Country Club. In 2021, a gallery of nearly 300 patrons attended and watched the team tee off before then following on the golf course. Coach Archer is available if anyone wants more details.


Team- Tallmadge Blue Devils
Coach- Jon Shomo
Home Course- Brookledge
Twitter- @Tallmadge_BGolf

2021 Recap- 7-5 match record, 3rd place in SLAC

Returning Players
Caleb Fairhurst- 12th
Ty Kester- 12th
Matt Heigelmann- 12th
Drew Dalton- 12th
Will Gergely- 12th

Potential New Contributors
Gabe Jones- 10th
Alex Wise- 11th
Dylan Hartz- 11th

National Division

Brecksville-Broadview Heights

Team- Brecksville-Broadview Heights Bees
Coach- Greg Roderick

2021 Recap- 8th at Sectionals

Returning Players
Mark Sowers ☆ – 12th
Jaden Bibbo- 12th
Lucas Vanden Haute- 11th
Ryan Keco- 12th

Hudson ☆

Team- Hudson Explorers
Coach- Matt Villenauve
Home Course- The Country Club of Hudson
Team Website
Twitter- @hudsongolfrocks

2021 Recap- Won the Suburban League National Conference, won Sectionals at Windmill Lakes, 6th place at Districts (Pine Hills).

Returning Players
Sam Fauver ☆ – 10th
Spencer Sizemore- 12th
Callahan Lawler- 11th
James Fliss- 12th

Coach Matt Villenauve is very excited for tryouts this fall. Villenauve states, “I see a few of our guys putting in maximum effort in the off-season. It’s always a thrill when the fellas are ready to fire come August 1st.”


Team- Nordonia Knights
Coach- Scott Lawrence
Home Course- Ellsworth Meadows GC
Twitter- @NordoniaGolf
2022 Schedule

2021 Recap- 9-holes matches: 5-3, 18-hole Tournaments: Nordonia Classic 333, Suburban #3 @ Windmill Lakes 336, Suburban League (National) Results: 7th Place, Sectional Results: 328, 7th place out of 18 teams

Returning Players
Max Weber ☆ – 12th
Drew Kitzmiller- 11th
Mason Reville ☆ – 12th
Ben Mallis- 11th

Potential New Contributors
Jacob Sutton- 11th
Caden Cook- 10th

This is the most anticipated year Nordonia has had in a handful of years. Returning 4 full-time Varsity Players from last year’s team along with 2 underclassmen with an ample amount of Varsity experience presents the potential for an exciting season for the Nordonia Boys Golf Team.

North Royalton ☆

Team- North Royalton Bears
Coach- Steven Sprunger
Home Course- Hinckley Hills Golf Course
Twitter- @RoyaltonGolf

2021 Recap- 4th place in S.L. National Division

Returning Players
David Swab ☆ – 12th
Aryan Ahlawat- 12th
Lukas Cengic- 11th
Christopher Domke- 12th
Andrew Gold- 12th
Brandon Jenkins- 11th
Garrett Polverine- 12th

Potential New Contributors
Andy Kovalak- 11th
Daniel Lee- 11th
AJ Maruniak- 11th
Charlie Wilson- 10th

Senior David Swab leads the way for the NR Bears according to Coach Steven Sprunger, “David Swab is the real deal. He encourages teammates to go to the range and practice with him.” Swab plays a very rigorous tournament schedule all year long. He looks to play at the college level, and this year hopes to show that he is capable of competing at that level. Garrett Polverine finished strong last season and looks to continue on lowering his scores this upcoming season. Ari Ahlawat has been a great talent addition for the Bears last season and his improvement is critical to the success of the Bears this season. The Bears look to move up in the Suburban League standings this season with the help of returners Andrew Gold, and Christopher Domke, but coach Sprunger is also embracing the upcoming talents of Lukas Cengic, Brandon Jenkins, Charlie Wilson, Daniel Lee and Andy Kovalak to push the varsity scores even lower.

Stow-Munroe Falls

Team- Stow-Munroe Falls Bulldogs
Coach- Chet Feldman
Home Course- Fox Den

2021 Recap- 2nd in league and made District

Returning Players
Ben Skripac ☆ – 12th
Mitch Tyger- 12th
Austin Wilhoit- 10th

Potential New Contributors
Matt Kurtz- 11th
Anderson Hurst- 10th
Cambell Tawney- 10th

The Bulldogs have a good mixture of senior leadership and young talent. Coach Chet Feldman has a superstar on the team. “Ben Skripac is a must-watch player,” Feldman explained. “He didn’t have one score over 80 last season. I am excited to see how are young players respond this year. Our leader is Ben and along with Mitch Tyger and Austin Wilhoit, (who both) have been working very hard in the off season.”


Team- Twinsburg Tigers
Coach- Scott Levey
Home Course- Gleneagles

2021 Recap- 11th at Sectionals

Returning Players
Rob Prevette- 10th
Jack Phillips- 11th

Twinsburg is looking forward to competing in the National Division of the Suburban League this season. Sophomore Rob Prevette will be leading the team on the course.

Wadsworth ☆

Team- Wadsworth Grizzlies
Coach- Steve Ferris
Home Course- Chippewa Golf Club
Team Website
2022 Schedule- www.whsgrizzlies.com
Twitter- @grizzlyboysgolf

2021 Recap- 5th at Sectionals

Returning Players
Andrew Weyand- 12th
Brian Myers- 12th
Jason Moore ☆ – 12th
Landon Blizzard- 10th
Sean Hibbard- 12th
Austin Miller- 12th

Potential New Contributors
Logan Skidmore- 12th
Matt Kittle- 12th
Josh Rhoades- 11th
Ethan Kuzmik- 11th

Things are looking good in Southeastern Medina County. “We have great expectations this season,” explained Wadsworth Head Coach Steve Ferris, who will be taking over a strong Grizzlies team. With 6 returning lettermen, including Andrew Weyand and Brian Myers, who spent the summer playing in many local and regional tournaments, Wadsworth expects to make a run in this year’s state tournament. Ferris will be assisted by Bryce Sedio, who will be coaching the JV team.


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