Warm-up for Golf with a Twist

Par 5 Performance golf fitness training

Who has extra time before they play? Not many of us. But a proper warm-up can provide just what’s needed to start a round of golf off on the right foot.

The Windmill Twist is a great drill to save time while addressing both upper and lower body mobility. The stretch moves the athlete in multiple planes of motion and addresses the hamstrings, deep low back muscles on the each side of the spine (quadratus lumborum), and the T-spine (mid/upper back).

To perform:

– Set-up with feet hip-distance apart.

– Squat down and hold your shins.

– Inhale as you rotate your right arm up with the shoulder and mid-back. Maintain hold with your left hand.

– At the same time, straighten your right leg only while pulling the right heel back like your sliding.

– You’ll feel the stretch in your right hamstring and right lower back as well as the upper body.

– Hold the position for multiple breaths in through the nose and out the mouth.

– Repeat on the opposite side.

Junior Golf Fitness Summer Programs

Do you know a junior golfer who may be interested in a summer workout program? Par 5 Performance is offering two Junior Golf Summer Fitness Programs [PDF] in June and July/August. For just $25/session, the junior golfer will participate in an hour long session to develop mobility, stability, strength, power and speed. In addition, attendees will receive information on on-course nutrition, how to warm-up before a round or practice, and more.

What parents say about our Junior Golf Summer Fitness Program:

“Cannot say enough about this experience! What a great way to be healthy, have fun and improve whatever aspect of your game needed. My daughter loved going each week!”

“Coach Tim and his program exceeded our expectations, our two boys loved every minute! This program is perfect to strengthen their core for the upcoming golf season!”

“Our experience with my daughter’s trainer has been nothing but positive. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, relates well to the younger audience, and has really motivated my daughter to improve her strength and fitness level. Without a doubt, Par 5 Performance has been one the best investments I have made for my daughter.”

For more information or to register, call Tim at 440-915-6219 or email tim@par5performance.com.