Top 5 Amateur Golf Tournaments in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio Golf

Just like any other major metro area in the USA, greater Cleveland and Akron have a handful of great competitive amateur golf tournaments that a scratch player HAS to enter. The reasons why these events are “the best” can vary: maybe it’s the golf course; the quality of the field year after year; because there is a great trophy or a “history” prize; or maybe there is a chunk of “gambling money” on the line, like a big scramble.

This particular list is not about weekly events or leagues, it’s about the “once a year” events. (I’ll cover the “series” events in another entry.) It’s also not about the qualifiers for the national championships (US Am, Open, Publinx, etc) or the state stuff that comes around the area (Ohio Am, Open, Publinx, etc). Instead, this list covers the yearly events conducted around the area — the best events a serious NEOH amateur can choose “for the entry fee dollar.”

Here is my personal “Top 5 List of Big NEOH Golf Tournaments” that any low-handicap player living in Northeast Ohio should play in:

– Cleveland Amateur Championship

– Summit County Amateur Championship

– The Turkeyfoot “Spring Back-to-Back” (2 Man Scramble by CGA; 2 Man BB by ADGA)

– Ashland Am-Am

– Chippewa Club Championship

Certainly, there are many other great local golf events that are fun and first rate, but these five made my top-5 list. And here is your chance to comment / agree / disagree / list your own Top 5…

–Allen Freeman

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