Tight Hips Clink Chips

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The hips play a major role in a golf swing. Their mobility, stability, and power are essential for a dynamic swing. Immobile hips limit the ability to rotate in both our backswing and downswing as well as post-up on our lead leg. This robs us of power.

But the hips also play an important role in every day life, too. Often, individuals who complain of lower back pain often lack the necessary mobility and strength in their hips. This tightness is one side effect of the amount of sitting we are doing on a daily basis.

So what can you do to mobilize your hips for a better golf swing and healthier lower back? Check out this video:

To modify the exercise, check out this progression and regression:

– To add difficulty and improve your hip hinge, hold a dowel behind your back touching the back of your head, shoulders and sacrum. Maintaining those three points of contact, perform the same exercises.

– To make the exercise easier, place your hands on the floor in front of you to support your weight as you shift back to your heels.

Spring golf will be here sooner than you think. Start stretching those hips now to get ready for the season!