The Any-Time Any-Where 4-Step Warm-Up

Par 5 Performance golf fitness training

You’re running late. The course doesn’t have a range. You forgot your bands.

No time? No space? No equipment? No problem! Don’t let anything stop you from getting a warm-up in prior to teeing it up.

Here’s a great 4-step routine that loosens up all the major joints and gets the muscles warm. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of space or any equipment:

For this routine, I suggest holding each position for 3-5 seconds. Alternate sides, performing 3 or more reps on each side to get ready for your round.

Lunge Matrix

Isometric Lunge – Take a big step forward and lower into a lunge position with your knee over your foot. Try to keep your belt buckle up and avoid dumping your pelvis forward. Ideally, the thigh is parallel to the ground while your back leg is as straight as possible. The legs will not only activate from holding the position, but you’ll also get a great stretch in your hip flexor on the trail leg (leg behind you).

Runner’s Stretch – From the lunge position, place both hands on the inside of your foot. This deep lunge position really emphasizes hip mobility.

Torso Rotation while in a Lunge – From the Runner’s stretch position, rotate the arm closest to your lead leg (if your right leg is forward rotate your right arm) towards the sky by rotating through the upper back. Follow your hands with your eyes and exhale to improve mobility.

Hamstring Stretch – Bring the raised arm down to the ground on the outside of your lead leg and shift your hips up and back. You will feel a hamstring stretch in your lead leg (the forward leg).