RESULTS: 2024 Twin Lakes Spring 2P Scramble

The Fairways at Twin LakesThe Spring 2-Player Scramble at The Fairways at Twin Lakes faced a heavy thunderstorm mid-afternoon, forcing the event to be shortened to nine holes.

Matt Gurska + Michael Klaric and Jimmy Wild + Steve Blackburn Jr tied for first place at 6-under par for those nine holes, receiving the full prize payouts for their efforts.

Jeff Mallette + Vaughn Snyder finished in solo third place one shot behind, and won half of the skins pot with an eagle-3 on the par-5 third hole.

Jon Jadchew holed out from the fairway for eagle-2 on the par-4 first hole to win the other skin with partner Mark Johnson.

2024 Twin Lakes Spring 2-Player Scramble

The Fairways at Twin Lakes, Kent
Sunday, May 5, 2024

Steve Blackburn Jr + Jimmy Wild 29 $450.00
Matt Gurska + Michael Klaric 29 $450.00

Jeff Mallette + Vaughn Snyder 30 $300.00

Nick Anagnost + Jimmy Sotka 31 $200.00

Adam Frey + Louis Durban 32 $60.00
Ryan Stefanski + Brian Smith 32 $60.00

Allen Freeman + Justin Trzebuckowski 33
Mark Johnson + Jon Jadgchew 33
Tim Hepner + AJ Solvey 33
Pete Mahoney + Cody Nickson 33
Max Decheco + Anthony Marozzi 33
Dan Patterson + Matt Bright 33
Matt Frey + Mike Witmer 34
Shaun Kloetzer + John Karamas 34
Jon Clark + Jay Hollifield 34
Josh Prok + Kevin Miller 34
Ryan Coleman + Mike Steiner 34
Ty Kovach + Kopereic 34
Steve Kost + Maddie Kost 36
Philllip Lago + Nick Norris 37
Matt Mullen + Scott Mullen 37
John Toth + Chris Plute 37

SKINS: $330 each
Mark Johnson + Jon Jadgchew $330 Hole #1 Eagle-2
Jeff Mallette + Vaughn Snyder $330 Hole #3 Eagle-3


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