RESULTS: 2023 NOGA Net Series Stroke Play #1 + MPQ

Samuel Pupino (Good Park) and Ed Ruper (Brookledge) tied for first place at net 2-under par 69 to take first-place honors at Shaker Heights. NOGA GAME STORY >

Northern Ohio Golf AssociationFINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2023 NOGA Net Series Stroke Play #1
and Season-Long Match Play Qualifier

Shaker Heights Country Club, Shaker Heights, OH
Monday, May 15, 2023

T1 Ed Ruper, Brookledge Golf Course 69 $237.50
T1 Samuel Pupino, Good Park Golf Course 69 $237.50
T3 Brian Polick, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 70 $190.00
T3 Tim Reed, Signature of Solon 70 $190.00
5 Wes Immler, Red Tail Golf Club 71 $160.00
T6 David Ehrman, Red Tail Golf Club 72 $113.00
T6 Aaron Kazan, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 72 $113.00
T6 Garth Paul, Red Tail Golf Club 72 $113.00
T6 Rodney Strata, Congress Lake Club 72 $113.00
T6 Dennis Fujka, Red Tail Golf Club 72 $113.00
T11 Jack Jones, Lake Forest Country Club 73 $75.00
T11 Mike Crawford, Bob-O-Link Golf Course 73 $75.00
T11 Mark Borlin, Silver Lake Country Club 73 $75.00
T11 Chris Horne, Elyria Country Club 73 $75.00
T11 Scott Saari, Bob-O-Link Golf Course 73 $75.00
T11 Benjamin Robison, Ohio Prestwick Country Club 73 $75.00
T11 Michael Beres, Stonewater Golf Club 73 $75.00
T18 Rick Terens, Valley of the Eagles 74 $45.00
T18 Keith Pluto, Oberlin Golf Club 74 $45.00
T18 Missy Gedeon, Stonewater Golf Club 74 $45.00
T18 David Causey, Findlay CC 74 $45.00
T18 Jarrod Dixon, NOHIO.GOLF Club 74 $45.00
T23 David Thompson, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 75 $22.14
T23 Phillip Won, Signature of Solon 75 $22.14
T23 John Furlong, Signature of Solon 75 $22.14
T23 Jeff Sawitke, Quail Hollow Country Club 75 $22.14
T23 Dennis Dempsey, Quail Hollow Country Club 75 $22.14
T23 John Noethen, Good Park Golf Course 75 $22.14
T23 Ray McNiece, NOHIO.GOLF Club 75 $22.14
T30 Blair Martin, Country Club of Hudson 76
T30 Gordon Netschke, Red Tail Golf Club 76
T30 William Zapf, Big Met Golf Course 76
T30 Shawn Arlia, Cuyahoga-North Coast Golf Association 76
T30 Joseph Horvath, Brookledge Golf Course 76
T30 James Riedy, Plum Brook Country Club 76
T30 Randy Skeen, Good Park Golf Course 76
T30 Chuck Bush, Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 76
T30 Chris Minear, Good Park Golf Course 76
T30 Tom Jonozzo, Signature of Solon 76
T30 Joel Recht, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 76
T30 Alex Rice, Portage Country Club 76
T42 Jake Mussay, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 77
T42 Denny Cendrowski, Quail Hollow Country Club 77
T42 Emilio Noguez, NOHIO.GOLF Club 77
T42 Hugh Morgan, Stonewater Golf Club 77
T42 Ronnie Lane, NOGA 77
T42 Gary Horning, Fairlawn Country Club 77
T42 Craig Montgomery, Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 77
T42 Jake Sugar, Pine Hills Golf Club 77
T42 Rick Bock, Brookledge Golf Course 77
T51 Kyle Gibbons, Sweetbriar Golf Club 78
T51 Jeff Mihalick, Plum Brook Country Club 78
T51 Steve Bedell, NOHIO.GOLF Club 78
T51 Tom Zulick, Stone Ridge Golf Club 78
T51 Jeff Misley, Black Brook Golf Course 78
T51 Craig Dunlap, Little Mountain Country Club 78
T57 David Tomko, Valley of the Eagles 79
T57 Joseph Cline, Seneca Golf Course 79
T57 Bill Sahnd, Red Tail Golf Club 79
T57 Doug Phillips, NOHIO.GOLF Club 79
T57 John Cendrowski, Quail Hollow Country Club 79
T57 Brad Benes, Oak Harbor Golf Club 79
T57 Robert Cummins, Good Park Golf Course 79
T57 Carl Van Bolderen, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 79
T57 Christian Trejbal, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 79
T57 Tim Frosell, Country Club of Hudson 79
T57 Dennis Borton, Brookledge Golf Course 79
T57 Adam Blum, Stonewater Golf Club 79
T57 Jay Yorty, Elyria Country Club 79
T70 John Melnik, NOHIO.GOLF Club 80
T70 Rich Rosen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 80
T70 Ben Aveni, Quail Hollow Country Club 80
T70 David Piros, Red Tail Golf Club 80
T70 Jeff Vieira, Cuyahoga-North Coast Golf Association 80
T70 Andy West, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 80
T70 Steve Cochrane, Silver Lake Country Club 80
T70 John Norris, Portage Country Club 80
T70 Adam Peters, Valley of the Eagles 80
T70 Abhijit Shetti, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 80
T80 Matthew Gregory, Medina Country Club 81
T80 Wayne Bergman, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 81
T80 John Toth, Fox Den Golf Course 81
T80 Duke Sipple, Red Tail Golf Club 81
T80 Scott Bricker, NOHIO.GOLF Club 81
T85 Bryan Scott, Wooster Country Club 82
T85 Denny Brayer, Rawiga GC 82
T85 Ruvim Kowaliuk, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 82
T88 Jeff Jenkins, Legends of Massillon 83
T88 Sanjay Beach, Avon Oaks Country Club 83
T88 Mike Stefko, Mayfield Sand Ridge Club 83
T88 Jonathan Bourisseau, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 83
T88 Pat Walsh, Stonewater Golf Club 83
T88 Howard Polack, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 83
T88 Chic Allen, Little Mountain Country Club 83
T88 Fred Dubois, Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 83
T88 Mike Blauman, Madison Country Club 83
T97 Greg Sheerer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 84
T97 Brad Cutright, Red Tail Golf Club 84
T97 Andrew Milan, Firestone Country Club 84
T97 Chuck Adya, Silver Lake Country Club 84
T97 Pat Tournoux, NOHIO.GOLF Club 84
T102 Ryan Billman, NOHIO.GOLF Club 85
T102 Mike Dutt, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 85
T102 Mike Butler, Good Park Golf Course 85
T105 Pat Graham, Grey Hawk Golf Club 86
T105 Eric Mintz, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 86
T105 Tom Begley, Firestone Country Club 86
T105 Ryan Malkus, NOHIO.GOLF Club 86
T105 Dan Hopkins, NOHIO.GOLF Club 86
T110 Jim Strunk, Sweetbriar Golf Club 87
T110 Beau Sloan, Good park golf course 87
T110 Duke Young, Mayfield Sand Ridge Club 87
T113 Joe Fernandez, Lake Forest Country Club 88
T113 Matthew Destefanis, Westfield Country Club 88
T113 Jim Rosen, Firestone Country Club 88
T113 William Mers, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 88
T113 Paul Ferguson, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 88
T118 Eric Moss, NOHIO.GOLF Club 89
T118 Dan Anker, Manakiki Golf Course 89
T118 Carl Behrens, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 89
T121 Ken Bauza, NOHIO.Golf 91
T121 Natalie Sheerer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 91
T121 Kevin Mcafee, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 91
T121 Wade Woods, Raintree Golf and Event Center 91
125 Steve Willett, Big Met Golf Course 93

NET SKINS: $292 ea
Rick Terens – Eagle on 11
John Cendrowski – Eagle on 16
Beau Sloan – Eagle on 10
Chuck Bush – Eagle on 18
Denny Brayer – Eagle on 5

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