RESULTS: 2022 NOPGA RC Miller Pro-Pro-Am-Am

Larry Lahnan, Gary Trivisonno, Tom Laubacher, Mitch Camp
RC Miller Champs: Larry Lahnan, Gary Trivisonno, Tom Laubacher, Mitch Camp

The RC Miller Pro-Pro-Am-Am took place today at Alliance Country Club, with a format of two net best ball of four with a maximum handicap of nine.

The winning team of Mitch Camp, PGA, Gary Trivisonno, PGA, Tom Laubacher, and Larry Lahnan shot 122 (-18) to take home the victory.

Coming in second place was Ned Weaver, PGA, Jim Troy, PGA, Connor Gdovin, and Darin Hudak at 123 (-17).

The next stop on the NOPGA tournament schedule is next Monday at Shaker Heights Country Club for Stroke Play #7.

Northern Ohio PGAFINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio PGA
2022 NOPGA RC Miller Pro-Pro-Am-Am

Alliance Country Club, Alliance, Ohio – Par 70
Monday, August 8, 2022

1. Mitch Camp, Club Walden, Gary Trivisonno, PGA of America Life Member, Larry Lahnan, Tom Laubacher, $1,800.00, *63-59-122 -18

2. Ned Weaver, Windmill Golf Center, Jim Troy, Windmill Golf Center, Connor Gdovin, Darin Hudak, $1,400.00, *62-61-123 -17

T3. Tom Atchison, PGA Of America Life Member, David Soltesz, Jason Dickey, Tony Adcock, Seven Hills Country Club, $750.00, *63-62-125 -15

T3. Douglas Brown, Alliance Country Club, Ron Miller Jr, Seth Carn, Alliance Country Club, Mike Conny, $750.00, *60-65-125 -15

Out of the Money:
5 Kumpf/Scott Jr./Porter/Utterback 126 -14
T6 Duhon/Hete/Roessler/McEndree 127 -13
T6 Leenheer/Mercer/Wilt/McKinley 127 -13
8 Maxwell/Dietz/Thigpen/Shea 129 -11
T9 Kitzmiller/de Lelys/King/Uber 130 -10
T9 Milam/Creech/Milam/Milam 130 -10
11 Terry/Shulas/Shulas/Horner 132 -8
12 Flogge/Stewart/Vaughn/Willis 137 -3