RESULTS: 2022 NOPGA Janice Moodie Pro – 3 Lady

It was a great day for the Northern Ohio PGA’s Janice Moodie Pro-3 Lady at Avon Oaks Country Club. Teams played a two better ball of four format at 100% handicaps. Members and associates from around Northern Ohio brought member from their facilities, students, daughters, and friends to a fun day of golf and camaraderie.

The team of Bill Reilly, Regina Reilly, Tory Utrup and Annie Cors shot 24-under par to take home the Sterling Cut Glass trophies.

The next stop on the NOPGA is this Monday at Club Walden for the Kenny Novak Scholarship Day.

Northern Ohio PGAFINAL RESULTSL Northern Ohio PGA
2022 Janice Moodie Pro – 3 Lady

Avon Oaks Country Club, Avon, Ohio – Par 72
Friday, July 22, 2022

1. Bill Reilly, Fox Den Golf Course, Regina Reilly, Tory Utrup, Annie Cors, $600.00, *56-64-120 -24

2. Dan Banks, Signature of Solon Country Club, Diane Sabo, Karen Shiffler, Janine DeLong, $500.00, *61-63-124 -20

3. Clifford Purtilo, Oberlin Golf Club, Kathy Sisson, Kim Tweardy, Bonnie Maynard, $400.00, *62-63-125 -19

4. Dylan Champney, Avon Oaks Country Club, Dora Barlow, Jackie Wise, Vivian Rapaport, $300.00, *63-63-126 -18

5. Rob Moss, Pepper Pike Club, Sherry Kahl, Katie Rossborough, Becky Busa, $200.00, *63-66-129 -15

6. Michael Miller, Avon Oaks Country Club, Joan Barno, Natalie Benko, Joanne Tokar, *63-68-131 -13

7. Jon Jones, Youngstown Country Club, Abbey Chieffo, Kirby Tibolla, Hadley Spielvogel, *66-66-132 -12

7. Patrick Milkovich, Canterbury Golf Club, Sue McCormick, Diane Campbell, Britt Disanto, *64-68-132 -12

9. Anthony Hoover, Elyria Country Club, Mary Lynn Sertich, Sharon Hollis, Sarah Vergon, *65-68-133 -11

10. Kevin Sullivan, GolfTEC – Brecksville, Morgan Pascarella, Myra Lipton, Sheila Scherba, *67-68-135 -9

11. Nick Paez, GolfTEC – Cleveland West, Grace Robenalt, Mary Lynne McAuliffe, Shauna Molloy, *69-67-136 -8

12. Judd Stephenson, Avon Oaks Country Club, Amy Nageotte, Trish Aussem, Noreen Prescott, *69-73-142 -2

12. Matt Stroud, Avon Oaks Country Club, Jennifer Aerni, Patricia Alderete, Jody Butler, *71-71-142 -2

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Matt Rutland

Matt is the Director of Competitions for the Northern Ohio PGA.

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