RESULTS: 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford

Kevin McAfee, 2022 NOGA Net Stableford champion.
Kevin McAfee, 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford champion.

Kevin Mcafee of Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club in Hudson made points on every hole but one to win the 2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford Tournament at Firestone’s Fazio Course on Thursday.

Players earned 2 points for a par, 3 for birdie and 4 for eagle.

Mcafee made net birdie on three of his last four holes to win by four points over Joseph Ribelli of NOHIO.GOLF Club.

NOGA logo 2022FINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2022 NOGA Net Series Stableford

Firestone Country Club Fazio Course, Akron
Thursday, September 8, 2022

1 Kevin Mcafee, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 46 $200.00
2 Joseph Ribelli, NOHIO.GOLF Club 42 $180.00
3 Abhijit Shetti, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 40 $160.00
T4 Joe Balint, NOHIO.GOLF Club 39 $145.00
T4 Joel Recht, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 39 $145.00
6 Jim Rosen, Firestone Country Club 38 $130.00
7 Alex Loftin, Silver Lake Country Club 37 $120.00
T8 Chet Feldman, Brookledge Golf Course 36 $100.00
T8 David Young, NOHIO.GOLF Club 36 $100.00
T8 Steve Pasquale, Little Mountain Country Club 36 $100.00
T11 Jeff Mihalick, Plum Brook Country Club 35 $60.00
T11 Justin Kelley, Plum Brook Country Club 35 $60.00
T11 James Chiofolo, Brookside Country Club 35 $60.00
T11 Bill Sahnd, Red Tail Golf Club 35 $60.00
T11 Chris Finn, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 35 $60.00
T16 Thomas Decaro, NOHIO.GOLF Club 34
T16 Rich Rosen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 34
T16 Dominic Intorcio, Pine Ridge Country Club 34
T16 Rick Twining, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 34
T16 Nick Schepis, Brookledge Golf Course 34
T16 Nicholas Brumbaugh, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 34
T16 Aaron Cuddy, Silver Lake Country Club 34
T16 Craig Hyppa, Springvale Golf Course 34
T24 A.J. Borisa, NOHIO.GOLF Club 33
T24 Bob Russell, Firestone Country Club 33
T24 Mark Knevel, Big Met Golf Course 33
T24 John Young, Cuyahoga-North Coast Golf Association 33
T24 James Riedy, Sawmill Creek Resort 33
T24 Andrew Milan, Firestone Country Club 33
T24 Marc Keller, Green Hills Golf Course 33
T31 Dick Tomello, Brookledge Golf Course 32
T31 John Melnik, NOHIO.GOLF Club 32
T31 Britt Lilley, Oberlin Golf Club 32
T31 Mike Stiller, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 32
T35 Stephen Tischler, Pine Hills Golf Club 31
T35 Ken Bauza, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 31
T35 Phil Kelly, Legacy Golf Club 31
T35 Harrison Vonderau, Red Tail Golf Club 31
T35 Steve Schaefer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 31
T40 Edward Diebold, Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Links 30
T40 John Bastulli, Pine Ridge Country Club 30
T40 David Devault, Quail Hollow Country Club 30
T40 Randy Skeen, Good Park Golf Course 30
T40 Brian Vincelette, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 30
T40 Joe Marshall, Brookside Country Club 30
T46 Jason Whitfield, Silver Lake Country Club 29
T46 Roy Jones, Grey Hawk Golf Club 29
T46 Mike Kungle, Brookledge Golf Course 29
T46 Jeff Vieira, Cuyahoga-North Coast Golf Association 29
T46 Tom Adams, NOHIO.GOLF Club 29
T46 John Karamas, NOHIO.GOLF Club 29
T52 Mike Butler, Good Park Golf Course 28
T52 Eric Mintz, Windmill Lakes Golf Club 28
T52 John Toth, Fox Den Golf Course 28
T52 Matthew Black, NOHIO.GOLF Club 28
T52 Dennis Fujka, Red Tail Golf Club 28
T57 Brad Esper, NOHIO.GOLF Club 27
T57 Connie Russell, Firestone Country Club 27
T57 TOBIAS Papa, Legacy Golf Club 27
T57 Keith Pluto, Oberlin Golf Club 27
T57 Steve Bedell, NOHIO.GOLF Club 27
T62 Joseph Corbin, Fremont CC 26
T62 Theresa Stotler, NOHIO.GOLF Club 26
T62 Janet Shaheen, Public Golf 26
T62 Pete Kalgreen, Good Park Golf Course 26
T66 Chuck Adya, Silver Lake Country Club 25
T66 Dave Cope, Fremont CC 25
T66 Mike Dutt, Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 25
T66 William Fry, Mallard Creek Golf Club 25
T70 Timothy Blondheim, Raintree Golf and Event Center 24
T70 Frank Leopold, Brookside Country Club 24
T72 Matt Malecha, Stone Ridge Golf Club 23
T72 Carl Van Bolderen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 23
T74 Wade Woods, Raintree Golf and Event Center 22
T74 Paul Derov, NOHIO.GOLF Club 22
T76 Rick Bock, Brookledge Golf Course 21
T76 Scott Bricker, NOHIO.GOLF Club 21
T76 Stephen Baker, Chippewa Golf Club 21
79 Jeff Jenkins, Legends of Massillon 20
80 Pat Tournoux, NOHIO.GOLF Club 19
81 Ron Benco, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 18
82 Kurt Fuetter, Medina Country Club 16
83 Thomas Doll, NOHIO.GOLF Club 11
84 Mike Crawford, Bob-O-Link Golf Course 2