RESULTS: 2022 NOGA Net Series Four-Ball #2

Mark Wilbur and John Weiland
Mark Wilbur and John Weiland

Mark Wilbur (Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club) and John Weiland (Fox Den Golf Course) shot a net total score of 9-under par 63 — which included an impressive 7-under par on the back nine alone! – to win the NOGA Net Series event at Lake Forest.

Bob Fairchild and David Goldense

Playing along side partner David Goldense (above right), NOGA Hall of Fame member Robert Fairchild (above left) made a hole-in-one on the 18th at Lake Forest as a last minute substitute player for his long-time friend Brian Duffin, who is recovering from recent heart surgery. Story >

NOGA logo 2022FINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2022 NOGA Net Series Four-Ball #2

Lake Forest Country Club, Hudson, Ohio
Monday, June 20, 2022

1 John Weiland / Mark Wilbur, Fox Den Golf Course, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 63 $450.00
2 Ed Ruper / Ken Bauza, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club, Brookledge Golf Course 64 $360.00
3 Doug Phillips / Tom Mitchen, NOHIO.GOLF Club 65 $300.00
T4 Adam Blum / Jon Kaplan, Stonewater Golf Club 66 $178.00
T4 Dick Tomello / Rick Bock, Brookledge Golf Course 66 $178.00
T4 Thomas Minnillo / Todd Desmarais, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course, Oberlin Golf Club 66 $178.00
T4 John Wagner / Randy Skeen, Good Park Golf Course 66 $178.00
T4 NEIL STERBA / Pat Tournoux, NOHIO.GOLF Club, Sweetbriar Golf Club 66 $178.00
T9 Ben Aveni / Bill Starr, Quail Hollow Country Club 67 $50.00
T9 Jeff Mihalick / Patrick Payne, Plum Brook Country Club 67 $50.00
T9 Alex Williams / Evan Shafer, Big Met Golf Course 67 $50.00
T9 Greg Sheerer / Natalie Sheerer, NOHIO.GOLF Club 67 $50.00
T9 Dominic Intorcio / John Bastulli, Pine Ridge Country Club 67 $50.00
T9 Kyle Smith / Mark Hubert, Ohio Prestwick Country Club, Lake Forest Country Club 67 $50.00
15 John Lord / Matthew DayGrey Hawk Golf Club, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 68
T16 John Furlong / Phillip Won, Signature of Solon 69
T16 Derek Gordon / Nathan Mullen, NOHIO.GOLF Club, The Lake Club 69
T16 Doug Hauenstein / Timothy Swanda, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 69
T16 Jackson Murphree / Ryan Niese, Crosswinds GC 69
T16 David Goldense / Robert Fairchild, Canterbury Golf Club, Westwood Country Club 69
T16 Frank Gioffre / Kevin Asher, Sawmill Creek Resort 69
T16 Joseph Cline / Mike Pollhammer, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club, NOHIO.GOLF Club 69
T23 David Trier / John Toth, Fox Den Golf Course, Silver Lake Country Club 70
T23 Adam Trent / Christopher Dohner, Country Club of Hudson 70
T23 Carl Van Bolderen / John Melnik, NOHIO.GOLF Club 70
T23 Matt Lopiccolo / Steve Pasquale, Little Mountain Country Club, Lake Forest Country Club 70
T23 Andrew Malkus / Ryan Malkus, NOHIO.GOLF Club 70
T23 Erik Nord / Jake Mussay, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 70
T29 Mike Lintelman / Tom Meola, Quail Hollow Country Club, Madison Country Club 71
T29 Bill Meyer / Jack Dunbar, Eagle Rock Golf Club 71
T31 Jim Rosen / Rich Rosen, Firestone Country Club, NOHIO.GOLF Club 72
T31 Edward Echan / Thomas Barnish, Club Walden, Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 72
T33 Scott Hollowell / Scott Zielinski, NOHIO.GOLF Club, Quail Hollow Country Club 73
T33 John Brocklehurst / Pat Graham, Grey Hawk Golf Club, Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 73
T33 James Williams / Thomas Benda, Legend Lake Golf Club 73
T33 Hugh Pace / Ron Hulett, Windmill Lakes Golf Club, Firestone Country Club 73
T37 Kevin Ropenus / Rick Terens, Bob-O-Link Golf Course, Valley of the Eagles 74
T37 James Harry / Robert Armbruster, NOHIO.GOLF Club, USGA/Northern Ohio GC 74
T37 Doug Fifner / Rick Norris, Oberlin Golf Club 74
T40 Patrick Gioffre / Tom Bollenbacher, Sawmill Creek Resort 75
T40 Robert Wadsworth / Terry King, NOHIO.GOLF Club 75
T42 Bob Coy / Jeff Skubic, Quail Hollow Country Club 76
T42 James Vinciquerra / Richard Vinciquerra, Little Mountain Country Club, Glenmoor Country Club 76
44 Dave Palchesko / David Eli, Gleneagles Golf Club, Manakiki Golf Course 77
T45 Bob Finch / Fred Westbrook, Bob-O-Link Golf Course 80
T45 Peter Seibel / Rex Shreve, Eagle Rock Golf Club 80


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