RESULTS: 2022 CMG Shawnee Hills Stroke Play

Andrew Jendre
Andrew Jendre, 2022 CMG Shawnee Stroke Play champion.

A windy and wet golf course made for some challenging holes out at Shawnee Hills Golf Course today. Making par on a day like today was what was needed to win.

Andrew Jendre went on to make 11 of them, as well as two birdies to lead the field with a 74.

Doug Barber followed, firing a 76.

Andrew Malkus, Jacob Zbin, Michael Witmer, and Tim Cebula all tied for third with 77.

— Ben Ladaika, Shawnee Hills

Cleveland Metroparks Golf
FINAL RESULTS: Cleveland Metroparks Golf
2022 Shawnee Hills Stroke Play Tournament

Shawnee Hills Golf Course, Bedford Heights, Ohio
Saturday, May 7, 2022

1st Andrew Jendre 74 $250.47
2nd Doug Barber 76 $166.98
3rd Andrew Malkus 77 $72.30
3rd Jacob Zbin 77 $72.30
3rd Michael Witmer 77 $72.30
3rd Tim Cebula 77 $72.30
7th John Angelo 78 $26.17
7th Brant Harbert 78 $26.17
9th Brian Kukoleck 79
10th Thomas Decaro 80
11th Dustin Buehler 81
12th Eric Wonkovich 82
12th Daniel Sederholm 82
12th Andrew Teribery 82
15th Mike Mandela 83
15th Aaron Ereditario 83
17th Tom Oboyle 84
18th Matthew Cuba 85
19th Bruce Pucci 87
20th Jeremy Bernard 88
21st Andrew Tipton 89
22nd Mark Beltavski 94
23rd Cody Lang 95
23rd William Patton 95
25th Meshach Keen 96
26th Dennis Kramarz 97
27th Matthew Cooney 101
28th Greg Harris 111
29th Rubin Harris 130
WD Mike Crawford
WD Bryan Sears
WD Bob Wadsworth
WD Michael Buckner