RESULTS: 2021 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble

Shayne Bishop and Ken Koprivec, 2021 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble
Shayne Bishop and Ken Koprivec, winners of the 2021 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble.

Zoar Golf Club hosted their annual Spring 2-Man Scramble on Saturday. The tournament, advertised as “tough pins from the tips”, wasn’t for the team of Shayne Bishop and Kenny Koprevic, as they fired an 11-under par 61 to win by one shot. The win was worth $500.

Ryan Stefanski and Bobby Spino tied with Tommy Miano and Connor McCauley for second with 62. Each team collected $230.

Colin McCaulley and Tommy Miano
Colin McCaulley and Tommy Miano tee off at the 2021 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble.

There were two teams at 64 strokes: Mike Simpson and Ryan Culbertson, the 2020 Fall Scramble winners, tied with Michael Renner and Mike Musacchia. Each team received $120.

The Gasser Brothers were solo 5th place as Matt and Brian were out in 32 strokes and played the back in 33 to earn $80.

Team Gasser 2021 Zoar 2-M Scramble
Team Gasser rolls home a birdie on the 9th at Zoar Golf Club.

There was one skin won on the day: an eagle two hole-out from the fairway on the par-4 first. Drew Lavecchia and Matt Jurcevic collected $640.

34 teams were entered and 32 competed.

The Zoar Golf Club Senior Masters 2-Man Scramble is Saturday May 8th, beginning at noon.

Zoar Golf Club
2021 Spring 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club, Zoar, Ohio
Saturday, May 1, 2021

61 Shayne Bishop / Ken Koprevic (31-30) $500

62 Ryan Stefanski / Bobby Spino (31-31) $230
62 Tommy Miano / Colin McCauley (29-33) $230

64 Mike Simpson / Ryan Culbertson (32-32) $120
64 Mike Renner / Mike Mussachia (31-33) $120

65 Gasser Gasser (32-33) $80

Out of the Money:
66 Crone/Garwood, Freeman/Kovach
67 Hepner/Bricker, Oates/Wakeling, Barth/Beck, Wild/Frey
68 Schneider/Crewse, Toth/Smith, Cutlip/Stormer, Jenkins/Jenkins, O’Boyle/Kreider
69 Trzebuckowski/Simmons, Decheco/Marozzi, Chazanowski/Schnur
70 Harbert/Kalentarides, Beebe/Trier, Terry/Watkins
71 Drukenbrod/Phifer, Luckenbaugh/Cutlip
72 Ringfish/Stilmak
73 Jurcevic/Lavechia
74 DiCostanzo/Chmielewski
75 Zgrabik/Knight, Pitlak/Stilmak
80 Clifford/Lawrence
94 Calihan/Bergdorf

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