RESULTS: 2021 NOGA Net Stroke Play + MPQ

Tim Reed from Signature of Solon shot a 4-under 68 total net score to edged past James Reidy of Barrington Golf Club to win the Northern Ohio Golf Association’s Net Stroke Play Championship at Fox Meadow Country Club on May 20th.

The finish provided a good bit of drama, as Riedy and Reed were tied standing on the 18th fairway. But Reidy put his second shot in the water to bogey the last, allowing Reed to take the title.

The final standings for this event set the Upper and Lower brackets for the 2021 NOGA Net Match Play Championship

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NOGAFINAL RESULTS: Northern Ohio Golf Association
2021 Net Stroke Play Championship +
Season-Long Net Match Play Qualifier

Fox Meadow Golf Club, Medina, Ohio
Thursday, May 20, 2021

1 Tim Reed, Signature of Solon 68 $240.00
2 Riedy, James Barrington Golf Club 69 $200.00
T3 Ruper, Ed Brookledge Golf Course 71 $152.00
T3 Terens, Rick Valley of the Eagles 71 $152.00
T3 Fujka, Dennis Red Tail Golf Club 71 $152.00
T3 Morgan, Hugh Stonewater Golf Club 71 $152.00
T3 Tomko, David Valley of the Eagles 71 $152.00
T8 Toth, John Fox Den Golf Course 72 $100.00
T8 Miller, Cody Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 72 $100.00
T8 Hulett, Ron Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 72 $100.00
T8 Recht, Joel Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 72 $100.00
T8 Dunlap, Craig Quail Hollow Country Club 72 $100.00
T13 Mussay, Jake Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 73 $60.00
T13 Butler, Mike Good Park Golf Course 73 $60.00
T13 Cendrowski, Denny Quail Hollow Country Club 73 $60.00
T16 Blondheim, Timothy Raintree Golf and Event Center 74 $27.86
T16 Roebuck, Jonathan Quail Hollow Country Club 74 $27.86
T16 Bedell, Steve Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 74 $27.86
T16 Devault, David Quail Hollow Country Club 74 $27.86
T16 Norris, Rick Oberlin Golf Club 74 $27.86
T16 Keller, Marc NOHIO.GOLF Club 74 $27.86
T16 Ereditario, Aaron NOHIO.GOLF Club 74 $27.86
T23 Collins, Brian Shady Hollow Country Club 75 $7.14
T23 Mayers, Eric Quail Hollow Country Club 75 $7.14
T23 Robison, Benjamin NOHIO.GOLF Club 75 $7.14
T23 Skeen, Randy Good Park Golf Course 75 $7.14
T23 Van Bolderen, Carl NOHIO.GOLF Club 75 $7.14
T23 Brocklehurst, John Columbia Hills Golf & Swim 75 $7.14
T23 Zapf, William Sweetbriar Golf Club 75 $7.14
T30 Parsons, Brian Red Tail Golf Club 76
T30 Mirelli, Jeff Good Park Golf Course 76
T30 Pluto, Keith Oberlin Golf Club 76
T30 Anker, Daniel Manakiki Golf Course 76
T30 Melnik, John NOHIO.GOLF Club 76
T30 Lilley, Britt Oberlin Golf Club 76
T30 Capasso, Jerry Big Met Golf Course 76
T30 Adya, Chuck Silver Lake Country Club 76
T38 Freed, Raymond NOHIO.GOLF Club 77
T38 Axson, David Firestone Country Club 77
T40 Kaltenstein, Mike North Olmsted Golf Club 78
T40 Bauza, Ken Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 78
T40 Kobelak, Mike Pine Hills Golf Club 78
T40 Dutt, Mike Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 78
T40 Yelsik, John Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 78
T40 Adler, Richard Stonewater Golf Club 78
T40 Crandall, Jim Valley of the Eagles 78
T40 Crawford, Mike Bob-O-Link Golf Course 78
T48 McCollough, Corey Big Met Golf Course 79
T48 Murdough, Peter Lake Forest Country Club 79
T48 Pollhammer, Mike Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 79
T48 Mintz, Eric Fox Den Golf Course 79
T48 Janus, David Good Park Golf Course 79
T48 Ferguson, Paul Big Met Golf Course 79
T48 Lurie, Ken Beechmont Country Club 79
T55 Kalina, Kurt Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 80
T55 Archer, Rick Silver Lake Country Club 80
T55 Jones, Roy Avon Oaks Country Club 80
T55 Furlong, John Signature of Solon 80
T55 Rosen, Rich NOHIO.GOLF Club 80
T55 Willett, Steve Bob-O-Link Golf Course 80
T61 Kearns, Benjamin Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 81
T61 Tournoux, Pat Sweetbriar Golf Club 81
T63 Cochrane, Steve Silver Lake Country Club 82
T63 Malkus, Andrew NOHIO.GOLF Club 82
T63 Wagner, John Good Park Golf Course 82
T66 Roemer, Jordan NOHIO.GOLF Club 83
T66 Zgrabik, Larry Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 83
T68 Cendrowski, John Fluster Clucks Golf Club 84
T68 Trejbal, Christian Sleepy Hollow Golf Course 84
T68 Berry, Howard Stonewater Golf Club 84
T71 Mitchen, Tom NOHIO.GOLF Club 85
T71 Phillips, Doug NOHIO.GOLF Club 85
T71 Mitchell, Scott Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club 85
T71 Fernandez, Joe Lake Forest Country Club 85
T75 Rosen, Jim Firestone Country Club 86
T75 Benco, Ron NOHIO.GOLF Club 86
T75 Miller, Ron NOHIO.GOLF Club 86
T78 Scafidi, Bryan Weymouth & Fox Meadow CC 88
T78 Oleary, Kevin Sweetbriar Golf Club 88
80 Thomas, Terry NOHIO.GOLF Club 92
T81 Livak, Frank NOHIO.GOLF Club 94
T81 Dougherty, Matthew Brookledge Golf Course 94
83 Brayer, Denny Little Mountain Country Club 97
DNF Karamas, John NOHIO.GOLF Club DNF
DQ Degyansky, Will Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club DQ
NS Demeter, Michael Good Park Golf Course NS


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