Dave Trier of Stow was the big winner in the inaugural Proximity Golf Lounge Pins & Skins #1 in Cleveland Heights on Saturday.

Trier was one of four skin winners on the day, making his birdie bomb from the front of the green on the finishing 18th hole at TPC Sawgrass to earn a surprise skin.

Trier already had a pin shot on the long par-3 eighth hole in his pocket before winning the event’s final skin.

2020 Proximity Pins & Skins #1

Proximity Golf Lounge, Cleveland Heights
playing TPC Sawgrass by Full Swing Golf
Saturday, November 14, 2020

SKINS: $55 ea
Andy Blackburn – Birdie 3, Hole 5
Tyler Watkins – Birdie 4, Hole 11
Robert McMahon – Birdie 2, Hole 13
David Trier – Birdie 3, Hole 18

PIN SHOTS: $14 ea
Justin Trzebuckowski – Hole 3, 7ft
David Trier – Hole 8, 17 ft
Allen Freeman – Hole 13, 12 ft
Justin Trzebuckowski / Todd Persson – Hole 17, 23 ft (tie)

LONG DRIVE: Proximity Gift Card
Hole #9: Justin Trzebuckowski – 305 yards
Hole #16: Robert Kimmel – 294 yards
(Long Drive shots had to finish in the fairway.)

Justin Trzebuckowski
Justin Trzebuckowski won a long drive and a pin shot during PGLP&S#1.
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