USGA logoMichael Balcar, Jake McBride and Rasmus Lind tied for medalist honors in Tuesday’s playing of the 2019 U.S. Open Local Qualifier at Beechmont Country Club.

Michael Balcar
Michael Balcar rolls in a par on his way to a 69 and co-medalist honors in the U.S. Open Local Qualifier.

On a golf course full of damp, tangled, gnarly, thick, deep rough (yes, the rough was five adjectives evil), those three players shot a 2-under par score of 69 to earn their way straight through to Sectional Qualifying.

With seven Sectional qualifying spots on the line for the day, that left five players sitting at 1-under par 70 to try to earn one of the four remaining passes via a playoff.

Maxwell Moldovan 2019 U.S. Open Local Qualifier
Green High School’s Maxwell Moldovan tees off the first in the 2019 U.S. Open Local Qualifier.

Perhaps the most exciting entrance into the playoff was made by Green High School star Maxwell Moldovan. Playing in the final group off the front nine in the afternoon wave, Moldovan stood in the middle of the 18th fairway knowing he needed to make birdie to get inside the number. And all of the players and fans on property knew it, too, so they gathered around the green to watch. Moldovan did not disappoint: he nearly holed his second shot on the fly, spinning the ball back to eight feet. Then when it was his turn to putt, Moldovan made it center-cut, sending a fist-pump toward his father John — who was doing a fist-pump of his own.

Austin Graham, Western PA high-schooler Skyler Fox and Nate Thomson were also part of the in-with-70 party, as was the host PGA professional, Beechmont’s Jaysen Hansen. Hansen played the steadiest round possible that still had a chance to qualify: in the morning wave, he made 17 pars and one birdie.

After some scoreboard calculations, all five players at 70 headed to the first tee at Beechmont for the playoff.

Unfortunately, that playoff lost its drama early.

Host pro Hansen hit his tee shot into a terrible lie in the right rough, forcing him to hack out a low shot toward the green that ran over the back and finished long-left. The other players, sitting in the fairway or just in the first cut, all saw Hansen’s result and played smartly and conservatively to the green, knowing that long-left at the first hole at Beechmont is a super-tough up-and-in.

Jaysen Hansen 2019 US Open Qualifying

Hansen was only able to gouge the greenside chip to 15 feet, leaving him a side-winder for par which he missed on the low side (above). After a series of lags, tap-ins and a downhill birdie putt by Thomson, Hansen was on the outside looking in as first alternate.

2019 U.S. Open Local Qualifier Playoff
Austin Graham and Skyler Fox watch as Nate Thomson rolls home his birdie putt in the playoff.


United States Golf Association
2019 U.S. Open Championship Local Qualifying – Cleveland

conducted by the Northern Ohio Golf Association
Beechmont Country Club, Cleveland
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

T1  Michael Balcar 69 -2
T1  Jacob McBride 69 -2
T1  Rasmus Lind 69 -2
T4  Austin Graham 70 -1
T4  Nate Thomson 70 -1
T4  Skyler Fox 70 -1
T4  Maxwell Moldovan 70 -1

1st Alternate  Jaysen Hansen 70 -1
2nd Alternate  Jonerik Alford 71 E

Cory Kumpf 71
 Chase Wilson 71
 Jim Troy 71
 Kevin Stone 72
 John Powers 72
 Jonathan Mills 73
 Rob Moss 73
 Buster Thomas 73
 Chase Johnson 73
 Josh Gilkison 73
 Kenneth Hess 73
 Jacob Scott 73
 Daniel Wetterich 73
 Logan Lagodich 74
 Ryan Gutowski 74
 Zach Mandry 74
 Brian Unk 74
 Ryan Troyer 74
 Max Palmer 74
 Matthew McAdoo 74
 Drew Deimel 74
 Cade Breitenstine 74
 Joseph Cilone 74
 Nathan Tarter 74
 Laken Hinton 74
 Jackson Chandler 74
 Colin Laszlo 74
 Luke Wells 75
 Adam Stinogle 75
 Christian Tomak 75
 Connor Yakubov 75
 Grant Engle 75
 Cooper Collins 75
 Ken Keller 75
 Bryan Kordupel 75
 Joey Krecic 75
 Nick Naumovski 75
 Bradley Thornton 75
 Caleb Ramirez 76
 Cameron McCloskey 76
 Benjamin Jones 76
 Max Watson 76
 Lucas Murray 76
 Robert Kimmel 76
 Steve Stone 76
 Jay Schiffbauer 77
 Bryce Gorrell 77
 Topher Reed 77
 Harrison Vonderau 77
 Tyler Sabo 77
 Jordan Paolini 78
 Dennis Holub 78
 Jason Goodendorf 79
 Blake Sattler 79
 Randy Dietz 79
 Rick Gripp 79
 Patrick Kelly 79
 Tyler McHugh 79
 Brian Bir 79
 Patrick Rollins 79
 Joshua Zarlenga 79
 Jeff Mills 79
 Solomon Petrie 79
 Carl Rolla 79
 Michael Riley 79
 Justin Long 79
 Jack Garswood 79
 Ben Smith 80
 Mark Williams 80
 Scott Pollack 80
 Trevor Cohen 80
 PJ Malik 80
 Darren Phipps 80
 David Laib 81
 Justin Wick 81
 Corey Bristowe 81
 Daniel Belden 81
 Nicholas Paxos 81
 Jeremy Olsen 82
 Peter Skirpstas 82
 Chris Okeson 82
 Gunnar McCollins 82
 Aaron Apticar 82
 Nicholas Gustin 82
 Jack Mancinotti 82
 Logan Cooke 82
 Nicholas Polichena 83
 Braden Smith 83
 Roni Shin 83
 Christopher Capriolo 83
 David Archer II 85
 Ryan Penwell 85
 Drew Covitt 85
 Demitrius De Almeida 86
 Brandon Broyles 86
 Joseph Leenheer 86
 Kevin Devere 88
 Michael Dessecker 88
 Jonathon Knapp 89
 Ryan Hostetler 90
 Dylan Erks 91
 John Peck WD
 John Schnur WD
 Jesse Wilkin WD
 Nicholas Infanti WD
 Darrin Vaughan WD
 Dwayne Randall DNS

Beechmont CC 10th hole US Open Local Qualifier 2019

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