Clendenin Wins 2014 Summit County Amateur

Howard Clendenin of Seville backed up his first-round 69 with an even better 68 on Sunday to capture the 2014 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship going away.

Clendenin knocks in an eagle at #2
Clendenin knocks in an eagle putt at #2
His 5-under par total earned him a four-shot victory and a continuation of his amateur golf success during the last 12 months.

After making the reversed-nines turn at 1-under par, Clendenin eliminated just about all doubt as to the outcome when he staked his second shot on the par-5 second hole to 3-feet below the hole then canned the eagle putt. Pars surrounded a bogey-birdie trade coming in to seal the deal.

A two-way tie for second place was earned by Cleveland east-sider Niko Anangnost and 2014 Ohio Publinx champ Jake McBride of Hartville, both of whom finished at 1-under par. They were followed by a solo fourth place from Josh Anderson at even par.

Rain plagued the afternoon wave on Day One, but the reverse was true on Sunday as the morning round was delayed about half-way through for 75 minutes. Once the weather cleared, the afternoon guys had a great day of sun and soft conditions.

The Sunday skins pot of $1,270 was swept with a lone eagle-3 on the par-5 14th hole by Alex Talbott. Saturday skins were split three ways, good for $423 ea: Brendon Nixon with a birdie on #10; Nevada Lemon with an eagle-2 on #12; and Doug Flemming with an eagle-2 on #17.

See the Photo Gallery for the 2014 Summit County Am here. Complete results below; gift certificates will be available for use at Chippewa Golf Club later this week.

Thanks to Larry Zimmerman and Dante D’Andrea for running another great event, and Dave Chapple and Todd Bertermann for all their work in scoring.

2014 Summit County Am Champion Howard Clendenin is flanked by Pat Wheeler and Mary Barnes.
2014 Summit County Am Champion Howard Clendenin is flanked by tournament presenters Pat Wheeler and Mary Barnes.

Summit County Amateur Golf Championship
2014 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship

Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio
August 2 – 3, 2014 | Par 71


Clendenin, Howard6968137$750
Anagnost, Niko7170141$625
McBride, Jake7170141$625
Anderson, Josh7370143$550
Crewse, Aaron7371144$443.75
Radis, Bud7272144$443.75
Tidenberg, John7272144$443.75
Foutty, Blake7272144$443.75
DiPalma, Alex7570145$337.50
Thomas, Mark7471145$337.50
Zoller, Taylor7471145$337.50
Chadima, Jason7273145$337.50
Peterson, Kurt7571146$250
Simpson, Mike7571146$250
Stallsmith, Anthony7373146$250
Schroeder, Scott7968147$175
Maxwell, Ryan7275147$175
Nixon, Brandon7176147$175
Blackburn, Steve7573148$125
Kraus, Matty7474148$125
Archer II, David7375148$125
Trier, David7177148$125
Bryson, Rick7772149$116.66
Lemon, Nevada7772149$116.66
Tisch, Nolan7178149$116.66
Marek, Ian7674150$87.50
Tornabene, Joe7575150$87.50
Schustrich, Rob7575150$87.50
Kovach, Ty7575150$87.50
Guadagni, Mark7476150$87.50
Sotka, David7674150$87.50
Feith, Taylor7674150$87.50
Oates, David7179150$87.50
English, Jacob7873151 
Elton, Tyler7774151 
Heavner, Tim7477151 
Yacovazzi, Anthony7774151 
Schultz, Patrick7774151 
Ungvary Jr., Joe7675151 
Fleming, Douglas7081151 
Kirby, Tanner6982151 
Lewis, Alan7874152 
Spalding, Stephen7874152 
Marr, Dan7676152 
Zachardy, Jason7577152 
Vincelette, Brian7775152 
Skidmore, Tom7676152 
Lambos, Nick7676152 
Earle, Kenny7578153 
Lenartowicz, Michael7776153 
Beebe, Brian7776153 
Bednar, Steve7776153 
Coben, Greg7677153 
Stats, Jacob7677153 
Pak, Charlly7876154 
Godinsky, Ryan7579154 
Ash, Shane7777154 
Grosso, Jim7777154 
Sullivan, Kyle7678154 
Yanko, Rob7877155 
Barbas, Jeffrey7778155 
Fricker, Steve7778155 
Cea, Jim7679155 
Didonato, Joey7679155 
Loomis, Rob8076156 
Watkins, Tyler8076156 
Crock, Jeff8076156 
Arison, Tommy7977156 
Baugh, Tom7878156 
Kammer, Lonnie7878156 
Spalding, AJ7680156 
Bergold, Bill7779156 
Witmer, Michael8176157 
Frey, Matthew7978157 
Okeson, Chris7978157 
Slates, Chris7879157 
Reed, Dieken7879157 
Talbott, Alex7879157 
Warren, Matt7780157 
Miller, Fred7681157 
Karshner, Robert8177158 
Agarenzo, Mychal7979158 
McKiernan, Conor8375158 
Angie, Mike7880158 
Kloetzer, Shaun7781158 
Niskanen, Jim7781158 
Beresh, James8279161 
Hochschwender, Michael8279161 
Lowry, Rich8180161 
Heffelman, Bob8576161 
Prokop, Ray8081161 
Westphal, Scott8081161 
Freeman, Al7982161 
Lahnan, Larry8279161 
Payne, Jeremy7883161 
Mooney, Bill8082162 
Armour, Mike8280162 
Groat, Jackson8182163 
Kabasky, John8182163 
Chuparkoff, Kenny8281163 
Kolkovich, Elliot8183164 
White, Mark8579164 
Moore, Robert8579164 
Trice, Brad8480164 
Mendoza, Raul7985164 
Sibit, Derik8283165 
Wenger, Jeff8581166 
Kerns, Larry8482166 
Bailey, Bruce8284166 
Wilson, Steve8879167 
Guello, Cole8780167 
Coates, Scott8384167 
Krill, Denny8286168 
Balca, Rob8286168 
Plute, Chris8782169 
Sloan, Kevan8683169 
Martin, Thomas8684170 
Carpenter, Jay8585170 
Thompson, Tom8586171 
Trent, Adam8289171 
Huth, Justin8983172 
Hamilton, Mike8588173 
Heffelman, Rob8193174 
Chadima, Brian8986175 
Feeney, Pat8887175 
Sattler, Dave8987176 
Ross, Shaun9186177 
Roth, Bryan9093183 
D’Andrea, Dante8994183 
Mirelli, Jeff8996185 
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