RESULTS: 2014 SCAGA 2-Man Jumble


Stark County Amateur Golf AssociationSCAGA held it’s first 2 Man Jumble at Arrowhead Golf Club in North Canton on Saturday, May 31st.

Along with perfect weather, the course was in great condition.

Each set of 6 holes paid out $150 a piece, and a total overall winner was good for $200 in Visa Gift Cards, plus a $600 skins pot. Final results follow.

Note that SCAGA is changing its next event at The Sanctuary on Saturday June 21st from a 4 Man Scramble to a 2 Man Scramble! The cost of the scramble will be $100 per player: $45 going towards greens fees, $35 going towards purse, $20 going towards skins pot. Payout will be in the form of Visa Gift Cards, NOT merchandise money to a pro shop or store. Visa Gift Cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Register at I hope to see everyone for the 2 Man Scramble event!

FINAL RESULTS: Stark County Amateur Golf Association
2014 2-Man Jumble Tournament

Arrowhead Golf Club, North Canton, Ohio
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tentler/Pinzone 20
Shannon/Bowman 21
Oates/Simpson 22
Bartow/Goebel 22
McVey/Hannen 22
Alcorn/Haver 23
Team Lenartowicz 23
Thomas/Schneider 23
Cole/Overcash 26

Shannon/Bowman 19
Thomas/Schneider 22
Alcorn/Haver 22
Team Lenartowicz 22
Oates/Simpson 23
McVey/Hannen 24
Cole/Overcash 24
Bartow/Goebel 25
Tentler/Pinzone 28

Both players teed off choosing the best tee ball then alternate shot from there.
Thomas/Schneider 23
Oates/Simpson 23
Bartow/Goebel 23
Shannon/Bowman 25
McVey/Hannen 25
Cole/Overcash 26
Tentler/Pinzone 27
Alcorn/Haver 27
Team Lenartowicz 28

There were 7 skins each being worth $85 a skin:
Team Shannon/Bowman won 4 skins with birdies on holes: 1, 9, 12, and 18
Bartow/Goebel won one with birdie on hole 17.
Team Lenartowicz with birdie on hole 7.
Tentler/Pinzone on hole 6 with an eagle.

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