RESULTS: 1899 Wednesday Big Skins – Week 7

1899 Golf Wednesday Big Skins Game

The skins pot was cut up six ways in nine holes during Week 7 of the Wednesday Big Skins Game at 1899 Golf in Twinsburg, but Brandon Mihalo and Allen Freeman were the big winners as they walked away with two skins each.

To show that anything can happen on any given week in the 1899 Big Skins Game, two skins were won with pars on the front nine at Muirfield Village Golf Club. So come try your hand at it next week Wednesday at 8p…

2021 Wednesday Big Skins Game – Week 7

1899 Golf Twinsburg
Wednesday, January 12, 2021

COURSE: Muirfield Village Golf Club, Front 9

SKINS: $33.33 ea
Brandon Mihalo – Par 4, Hole 3
Ty Kovach – Birdie 2, Hole 4
Allen Freeman – Birdie 4, Hole 5
Weston Lucas – Par 4, Hole 6
Brandon Mihalo – Birdie 4, Hole 7
Allen Freeman – Birdie 3, Hole 9