Chagrin Valley pro Josh Diemer stuffed consecutive iron shots early in the round to claim half the skins pot in Week 5 of the 1899 Wednesday Big Skins Game.

Diemer knocked iron shots inside the 8-foot gimmie circle on the second and third holes at the virtual Pebble Beach Golf Links to set the tone.

Continuing the birdie barrage, 1899’s Weston Lucas made a solid birdie at the challenging fourth hole for a skin winner.

Birdies tied off the par-5 sixth hole. Then Allen Freeman broke the birdie skin string by making the only par at the difficult over-the-water/canyon eighth hole to conclude the week’s winnings.

Week 5 skins were good for $30 each.

The Wednesday Big Skins Game now takes a break for the holidays until the game resumes again on Wednesday, January 5th at 8 p.m.

But between now and then, players have the opportunity to enter the 1899 Holiday Party + Big Cash Skins Game at 1899 Indoor Golf in Twinsburg on Wednesday, December 29th starting at 11 a.m…

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