RESULTS: 1899 Wednesday Big Skins – Week 9

1899 Golf Wednesday Big Skins Game

The Wednesday Night Big Skins Game at 1899 in Twinsburg tackled the difficult back nine of Columbus’ Scioto Country Club last night.

Birdies by Dave Trier and Chris Okeson got smashed on the par-5 12th hole, but other than that good birdie looks were tough to come by.

On the par-3 17th, first-time attendee Andrew Tipton, founder of the “Gimme Army”, managed to hit a chunky iron shot that actually came up short of the water fronting the green. After enduring some good-natured ribbing for laying up on a par-3, he calmly stepped up and knocked his pitch shot into the hole for an incredible birdie! That fantastic deuce turned out to be the only skin of the night and a nice $180 payday.

Come join us next week Wednesday at 8:00 pm for more fun at 1899 in Twinsburg! Those interested can call or text Scott Pollack directly at 440-773-3660 to enter.