The inaugural 1899 Saturday Big Skins Game got off to a resounding start this morning in Twinsburg, as Tyler Watkins promptly knocked in a 20-footer on Hole #1 for a birdie to get the action started early.

Players battled over the difficult Liberty National Golf Clubs links style course that proved to be quite demanding. Let’s just say some were glad it wasn’t a stroke play event.

Several birdies were cut and did not hold up, yet a few pars did manage to earn a skin on other holes. In the end, six skins were paid out with Justin Trzebuckowski taking home three of them.

There was also an emergency 9 played on the B9 at Muirfield Village, in which a few extra schillings were exchanged.

Please join us next week Saturday for even more action, as the addition of the Canton location to the Game will mean a bigger field and bigger purse!

OPERATIONAL NOTES: going forward, the entry deadline for each Saturday’s event will be 5 p.m. on the Wednesday prior. We may accept some registrations past this deadline, but only if bay space is available. All registrations are accepted and skins payouts are made using Venmo. Please Venmo your $75 to @Scott-Pollack-1899 to cover the bay time and skins game entry. In the notes section of your Venmo entry payment, please indicate whether you will play at Twinsburg or Canton, as there are a limited number of openings at each location. One single big skins pot covers both locations, as each will play the exact same course with the exact same game settings.

1899 Indoor GolfFINAL RESULTS:
1899 Indoor Golf Saturday Big Skins Game #1

1899 Indoor Golf, Twinsburg, Ohio
Saturday, December 5, 2020

SKINS: $33 ea
Tyler Watkins – Birdie 3, Hole #1
Justin Trzebuckowski – Par 4, Hole #5
Jimmy Wild – Birdie 4, Hole #7
Justin Trzebuckowski – Birdie 2, Hole #14
Chris Okeson – Birdie 3, Hole #17
Justin Trzebuckowski – Par 4, Hole #18

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