Renegar Golf: a Cool New Wedge Concept

Northeast Ohio Golf

Renegar GolfEquipment isn’t usually a topic here, but this new wedge concept warrants exception because it’s not being seen elsewhere. It’s designed for better players, is truly unique, and it makes ‘physics sense’: a sand wedge series with a lowered leading edge like a regular iron, but with even more bounce when you need it. Forget the Sarazen design and different ‘grinds’ to compensate for it; instead, check out these patented, sharp-looking wedge designs from Renegar Golf.    

From the Renegar Golf website: The 1930’s Gene Sarazen bounce sole has been the best wedge concept in golf for the last 80 years, and this bounce clearly works well for bunker explosions shots. But it’s the majority of ‘other’ short game shots that are so troubling, and where the Sarazen’s raised leading edge invites one scoring disaster after another.

We have all experienced thin shots with a sand wedge, the low bladed shots that go much too far with no spin. It’s not just you: robot testing actually bears out this thin-shot design flaw the Sarazen bounce-design creates.

The problems with the Sarazen bounce sole are basically two-fold: 1) the poor playability resulting from its raised leading edge and 2) its poor weight distribution.

The same bounce contour that is so helpful for bunker explosion shots raises the leading edge about 1/4 inch above the playing surface, greatly increasing the likelihood of sculled, thin shot and greatly increasing the difficulty of playing all shots from tight lies or firm turf.

Also, the distribution of the bounce mass well below the impact point and extremely forward reduces club head stability (MOI) and ball spin rates — exactly the wrong things for wedge design.

We actually like Sarazen’s bounce sole for bunker explosion shots, but we do NOT like it outside the bunker. So, at Renegar Golf we created a huge improvement in sole design, giving you the lowered leading edge you need for most short game shots but with maximum bounce on demand in the bunker when you need it!


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