Parker Hewit Rolls to Record Victory in 2013 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship

Parker Hewit

Parker Hewit takes the 2013 Summit County Amateur

It was a victory march. A coronation. A record-setting win against a big and talented field.

Parker Hewit of Westfield Center used big drives and a solid putting touch to roll to a five shot victory with a record-setting score of 5-under par 137 in the 2013 edition of the Summit County Amateur Golf Championship at Good Park.

Yes, this final round lacked drama. Hewit wanted it that way. A first round 66 was good for a two shot lead and set the tone heading into Sunday. Sure there were a couple of early round hiccups by Hewit, but no one else near the lead really made a charge during Hewit’s little slips.

Then it was all over for sure when Hewit made three birdies in a row at the toughest holes on the golf course: 8, 9 and 10.

The birdie on nine was the most absurd, given the cliffside pin that tournament chiefs Larry Zimmerman and Dante D’Andrea decided to unleash on the Good Park field Sunday. So what if the scoring average for the hole went to 3.9 on this already challenging par-3? (Stats courtesy of Todd Berterman at Tournament Expert!) Hewit simply stuck his 204-yard tee shot to inside two feet and made the putt — a putt that still broke a full cup from 24 inches.

Parker Hewit way up ahead in the fairway.
Hewit way up ahead in the fairway. Again.
From there, Hewit traded birdies and bogeys while cruising around the back nine, finishing at even par 71 with nary a challenge on the day.

Cakewalk complete. Candy successfully taken from 167 babies.

Hewit graduated from Bowling Green in 2012 and will launch his professional career later this fall. But first, he will compete in the U.S. Amateur Championship next week at The Country Club in Brookline, MA. Given this performance, he should do well.

Jake McBride of Hartville, a Wolfpack player at North Carolina State, grabbed the runner-up spot with solid Sunday round of 1-under par 70 to finish at even-par 142.

Steve Blackburn Jr. finished alone in third place another shot back, and the veteran trio of David Trier, Ty Kovach and Dave Oates notched T4 at 144. Complete results below.

And of course let’s not forget the annual Summit County Am skins game, the biggest of the year in Northeast Ohio. $1,400 per day was in play this year.

In round one on Saturday, Bruce Bailey eagled the par-5 fifth hole; Jason Chadima jarred a 9-iron from 140 yards on the par-4 seventh, and Tommy Miano made eagle on the par-5 14th, to each earn $470.

On Sunday, there were no outright skins winners (although Blake Foutty’s eagle at 14 would have held for $1,400 had he ponied up the measly $20 to enter the skins game — ouch!). So the least-tied hole earned the Sunday skins, which turned out to be the shortened par-4 12th hole with two eagles on the day: by Niko Anagnost and by AJ Spalding good for $700 each.

Special thanks to Dave Chapple and Tim Davis for all their work at the scoreboard (even while fighting some health issues), to Steve Kosar and Pat Wheeler for the sponsorships they provide that make this event a great one, and to Mary and family for honoring Dave Barnes once again through the event.

And of course, kudos to Larry Zimmerman, Dante D’Andrea, Greg Enright and the rest of the Good Park staff for their hard work on the tournament. The players most certainly appreciate it!



Summit County Amateur Golf Championship
2013 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship

Good Park Golf Course, Akron Ohio
August 3 – 4, 2013

PlayerRd 1Rd 2Total Prize
Hewit, Parker6671137$750.00
McBride, Jake7270142$650.00
Blackburn, Steve7271143$600.00
Trier, David7470144$500.00
Kovach, Ty7371144$500.00
Oates, David7074144$500.00
McHugh, Tyler7570145$400.00
Crewse, Aaron7075145$400.00
Hennigan, Bob7570145$400.00
Clendenin, Howard7373146$337.50
Anderson, Josh7373146$337.50
Marek, Ian7473147$237.50
Miller, Fred7473147$237.50
McLaughlin, Mac7671147$237.50
Archer II, David7176147$237.50
Peterson, Kurt6978147$237.50
Sotka, David6879147$237.50
Bryne, Brendan7375148$125.00
Bryson, Rick7375148$125.00
Spino, Bobby7276148$125.00
Kabasky, John7573148$125.00
Talbott, Alex7276148$125.00
Kirby, Tanner7177148$125.00
Cutlip, Dean7078148$125.00
Paxos, Nick7573148$125.00
Lahnan, Larry7376149$100.00
Thomas, Mark7277149$100.00
Ungvary Jr., Joe7574149$100.00
Guadagni, Mark7674150$100.00
Lemon, Nevada7873151$ 50.00
McKiernan, Conor7774151$ 50.00
Krivanec, Jim7378151$ 50.00
Knight, Jeremy7279151$ 50.00
Kastor, Jack7675151$ 50.00
Li, Tommy7576151$ 50.00
Stallsmith, Anthony7379152 
Hinchcliffe, Tim7676152 
Mosteller, Alex7676152 
Sullivan, Kyle7676152 
Maxwell, Ryan7676152 
Mosholder, Zach7379152 
McCaulley, Connor7676152 
Schustrich, Rob7676152 
Agarenzo, Mychal7577152 
Chadima, Jason7082152 
Clay, Josh7577152 
Baugh, Tom8073153 
Heavner, Tim8073153 
Marr, Dan7776153 
Tidenberg, John7479153 
Cea, Jim7380153 
Spalding, AJ7380153 
Yacovazzi, Anthony7677153 
Loomis, Rob7182153 
Oldfield, Ryan7281153 
Parker, Quinn7975154 
Anagnost, Niko7876154 
Headley, Ryan7876154 
Vincelette, Brian7777154 
Spalding, Stephen7480154 
Kreider, Matthew7777154 
King, Mike7381154 
Okeson, Chris7579154 
Foutty, Blake8075155 
Grieve, Mike7580155 
Bethune, Wil7778155 
Kammer, Lonnie7679155 
Lewis, Alan7977156 
Bell, Ron8076156 
Warren, Matt7878156 
Furlong, John7878156 
Merrow, Rick7482156 
Bognar, Michael7680156 
Freeman, Al7680156 
Lenartowicz, Michael7680156 
Slates, Chris7383156 
Gomez, Erron8077157 
Miano, Tommy8077157 
Loftin, Alex7879157 
Cockerham, Jeff7879157 
Arison, Tom7582157 
Koza, Chris7879157 
Metzendorf, Daniel7780157 
Kraus, Mathew7780157 
Simpson, Mike7780157 
Uecker, Jack7780157 
Lerner, Evan7681157 
Minko, Paul7582157 
Earle, Kenny7582157 
Goda, Dave7979158 
Witmer, Michael7880158 
Feith, Taylor7484158 
Nixon, Brandon7682158 
Schreiber, Austin8277159 
Boccio, Nick8277159 
Moody, Nick8178159 
Payne, Jeremy8178159 
Kloetzer, Shaun7980159 
Ciccarello, Mark7485159 
Patella, Dominic7683159 
Hochschwender, Michael8179160 
Markham, Tom7981160 
Shomo, Matt8080160 
Wenger, Jeff8080160 
Lowry, Rich7981160 
Zachardy, Jason8080160 
Carpenter, Jay7882160 
Thompson, Drew7486160 
Yanko, Rob7883161 
Klein, Adam8576161 
Griffith, David7982161 
Harmon, Bobby7982161 
Richardson, Kevin8379162 
Fleming, Doug7785162 
Allio, Ryan8181162 
Prokop, Ray8676162 
Alcorn, Dustin8281163 
Berkheimer, Dennis8182163 
Sloan, Kevan8677163 
Kayafas, Chris8380163 
Shannon, Brandon7985164 
Reed, Dieken7985164 
Chadima, Brian8283165 
Wheeler, Pat8580165 
Mastran, Mike8382165 
Scala, Sam8581166 
Bailey, Bruce8186167 
Feeney, Pat8087167 
Ward, Thomas8582167 
Wilson, Steve8582167 
Horne, Chris8582167 
Plute, Chris8484168 
Dugan, Michael8189170 
Hamilton, Mike8288170 
Kerns, Larry8585170 
Moore, Robert8289171 
Armour, Mike8290172 
Barbas, Jeffrey8983172 
Beresh, James8587172 
Chuparkoff, Kenny8786173 
Lynum II, Warren8687173 
Shortridge, Mike8787174 
Troutman, Ken7995174 
Watkins, Tyler8391174 
D’Andrea, Dante9084174 
Krill, Denny8986175 
Laubscher, Rocky9086176 
Brown, Jim9086176 
Schustrich, Mike9186177 
Roth, Bryan8296178 
Pupino, Sam9189180 
McSteen, John9488182 
Sattler, Dave9490184 
Feith, Dale9391184 
Reed, James9293185 
Corrao, Ryan9494188 
Harper, Kevin9596191 
Good, John102102204 
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