A golf pro shop is filled with products that help customers play better golf. This spring, one of those “play better golf” products should be HempLuxe™ CBD.

Sore muscles and joints lead to bad golf. When inflammation is reduced, performance improves. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD for golfers is well-documented: every golf magazine and website has written about CBD use by both tour pros and hackers. (Read our story here >)

Hemp LuxeThere are three critical factors in choosing a CBD brand: where and how the hemp is sourced; how the hemp is prepared and processed; and if a third-party tests and guarantees there are no unwanted trace minerals or chemicals affecting purity.

(Getting it from a local company with 30+ years in the health foods business like Mustard Seed Market is probably a good play, too.)


If you’re a golf pro or golf course GM, HempLuxe™ offers three wholesale bundles of CBD products that are easy to order, display and sell. The bundles contain Oil Tinctures, Extract Balms, and Gummies. The smallest mixed-product bundle starts at just $510! The margins are great too, especially on the larger bundles.

Interested in carrying HempLuxe™ products in your shop this season? Email us and we’ll reply with complete product, pricing and order information.


If you’re a player who doesn’t live near one of the Akron-based Mustard Seed Market stores and you don’t see it in your local golf shop, ask your pro to carry it. Forward this story to the shop if you need to.

That way, it’s easy for you to pick up and use HempLuxe™ before you head out to the first tee, and you support the shop in the process. It’s a win-win for both of you…


Mustard Seed MarketThe people behind Mustard Seed Market are the creators of HempLuxe™, their own CBD brand. MSM has always focused on high-quality natural and organic foods with strict ingredient standards: no artificial colors, flavorings, or chemical preservatives. They kept that same philosophy with their CBD:

Made from Certified Organic Hemp
No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilizers.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Contains all of the hemp’s cannabinoids, fatty acids, phytonutrients and CBD.

Third-Party Tested for Potency and Purity
Every batch of hemp we use for our CBD products is tested by an independent lab.

Colorado Certified Sourcing
All of the hemp we use is grown in the state of Colorado USA, on a vetted farm.

Specialized Non-GMO Genetics
Sourcing the most medicinally-beneficial non-GMO hemp available.

CO2 Extracted
The hemp is CO2 extracted, a low-temperature method free of chemicals and solvents.

Golf Shops: Email Us for HempLuxe Info >

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