Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 25 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameJohn Distefano of Munson Township finished strong at Fowlers Mill: he nearly aced the 17th hole capturing a pin shot and a skin with a birdie, and then he birdied the 18th hole as well for a second skin! Distefano’s big night earned him $152.40, moving him up eight spots on the season-long leaderboard.

Anthony Maenza captured the pin shot on the 13th hole worth $42.00 and also took home a skin on the 16th hole with a birdie, worth $55.20. His double-dip moved him up eight spots on the leaderboard as well.

Paul Kish, who is currently in fourth place on the leaderboard, had a chip-in birdie on the13th hole earning a skin.

And Mark Foss came out of the gate with a birdie on the 10th hole and earned a $55.20 skin to add to his third place position.

All of this movement only further tightens the race for the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Championship and the Thompson Cup. Steve Blackburn Jr. was shut out yet again, but still holds onto the season lead. Only three weeks to go, with the season culminating at the “Double Down” event at Pleasant Hills on October 23 with the Thompson Cup trophy presentation.

The Skins Game moves to Thunderhill GC in Madison on Thursday, October 9 starting at 4:15 pm sharp due to daylight concerns. Green Fees will be $15 riding! Please thank the course management for extending skins game players such a great rate. Any player looking to play a “warm up 9 hole round” before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard Through Week 25

1) Steve Blackburn Jr.     $1,253.77
2) John Niedzialek     $1,171.81
3) Mark Foss     $1,126.34
4) Paul Kish     $817.80
5) Geoff Nicely     $613.83
6) Mike Angie     $594.67
7) Rob Schustrich     $521.33
8) Nick Anagnost     $429.33
9) Steve Blackburn Sr.     $397.50
10) Ryan Stefanski     $345.00
11) Dave Sotka     $340.33
12) Joe Tasca     $325.50
13) Al Freeman     $316.00
14) John Distefano     $292.40
15) George Martin     $268.20
16) Brian McGinty     $264.50
17) Anthony Maenza     $224.20
18) Russ Rybka     $201.00
19) Phil Bojc      $180.50
20) Corey Iacofano    $168.66
21) Garry Zehe      $166.50
22) Jim Lebzelter     $151.83
23) Josh Krause     $144.83
24) Dan Lanese     $136.50
25) Bob Delcocco     $99.66
26) Jeff Ettinger     $84.00
27) John Zook     $77.00
28) Tom Evans     $74.64
29) Clint Paxson     $45.50
30) Tom Bond     $45.50
31) Cliff Lawrence     $36.00
32) Ron Rositani     $33.00
33) Matt White     $33.00

““ John Niedzialek

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