Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 24 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameFour skins were out Thursday at Powderhorn and the race for the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Championship tightened, as leader Steve Blackburn Jr. was shut out again.

Skin winners were Geoff Nicely with an eagle on the par-4 second hole, Joe Tasca with a birdie on the par 5, John Niedzialek with a deuce on the par 3 fifth hole, and Steve Blackburn Sr. with a birdie on the par-4 sixth hole. Skins were worth $57.50 each.

Niedzialek also took the pin shot on the fifth hole while Geoff Nicely had the pin shot on the 8th hole. Pin shots were worth $35.00 each.

With his skin and pin, Niedzialek closes the gap on 1st place in quest for the “Thompson Cup.” With his big night, Geoff Nicely also moves up to the fifth position within striking distance.

The season will culminate at the “Double Down” event at Pleasant Hills on October 23 with the “Thompson Cup” trophy presentation. Who will buy the champagne this year is still up for grabs!

The Skins Game moves to Fowlers Mill this Thursday (October 2) starting at 4:30pm Sharp! due to daylight concerns.Green Fee rates will be $22 riding which includes a beverage.  Any players that want to play in a “warm up 9 hole round” before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard Through Week 24

1) Steve Blackburn Jr.    $1253.77
2) John Niedzialek  $1171.81
3) Mark Foss    $1071.14
4) Paul Kish  $762.60
5) Geoff Nicely  $613.83
6) Mike Angie  $594.67
7) Rob Schustrich $521.33
8) Nick Anagnost   $429.33
9) Steve Blackburn Sr.   $397.50
10) Ryan Stefanski $345.00
11) Dave Sotka   $340.33
12) Joe Tasca  $325.50
13) Al Freeman  $316.00
14) George Martin  $268.20
15) Brian McGinty  $264.50
16) Russ Rybka  $201.00
17) Phil Bojc  $180.50
18) Corey Iacofano $168.66
19) Garry Zehe   $166.50 1 1
20) Jim Lebzelter    $151.83
21) Josh Krause    $144.83
22) John Distefano  $140.00
23) Dan Lanese   $136.50
24) Anthony Maenza   $127.00
25) Bob Delcocco    $99.66
26) Jeff Ettinger $84.00
27) John Zook    $77.00
28) Tom Evans  $74.64
29) Clint Paxson   $45.50
30) Tom Bond  $45.50
31) Cliff Lawrence  $36.00
32) Ron Rositani  $33.00
33) Matt White    $33.00

— John Niedzialek

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