Steady, Steady, Steady: Schembechler Cruises to 3-Shot Win in 2012 Summit County Am

Richie Schembechler taps in for victory in the 2012 Summit County Amateur
Richie Schembechler taps in for victory in the 2012 Summit County Amateur Championship.

Summit County Amateur Golf ChampionshipRichie Schembechler began the final round of the 2012 Summit County Amateur with a one shot lead. Starting his day on the back nine with all of the lead groups, he birdied the short par-4 12th, he birdied the reachable but danger-filled par-5 14th, and with steady shot-making and putting he parred the rest on his first nine — which just about wrapped up the championship.

Schembechler finished the front nine with a 2-under par 34 and sat 4-under par for the tournament, which seemed to deflate the field: no other player mounted enough of a charge to ever truly threaten the lead.

After making the turn (to the first hole, given the reversed nines for tournament play), Schembechler made a bogey on one and then notched another bogey with a short missed putt on the tough par-3 green at the fourth.

While the small back-slide piqued the interest of a couple of players (namely a charging Mike Witmer and the veteran Mark Thomas, who were his closest pursuers at the time), Schembechler ignored the miscues and made solid pars on each of the last five holes to win going away.

Mike Witmer of Brecksville, a player at John Carroll, finished alone in second place at 1-over par 143 after an even par 71 second round, while insurance pro Chris Okeson of Cleveland took solo third place at 144, also posting an even-par Sunday score. Mark Thomas bogeyed his final hole of the day to fall into a tie for fourth with past champion Aaron Crewse at 145.

The round of the day was turned in by Mike Cawley, who posted a four-under par score of 32-35=67 on Sunday to finish at 146 and in a tie for sixth.

And for the second straight day, only one skin was won on the day in the annual daily big skins game. But amazingly, this solo skin was earned with a simple birdie on the par-4 10th hole! Playing in the morning wave, Scott Mullen of Cuyahoga Falls made the only birdie of the day on the 10th on Sunday’s round to win a whopping $1,430! Congratulations Scott. (Proving once again that EVERY player should enter the big skins game at the Summit County Am, because all it takes is one great shot at the right time — and you never know when it might be you…)

Mary Barnes poses with Richie Schembechler and the 2012 Barnes Trophy
Mary Barnes poses with Richie Schembechler and the 2012 Barnes Trophy

Special thanks to Larry Zimmerman, Greg Enright, Dante D’Andre and Todd Bertermann from Tournament Expert Software for all of their hard work in conducting the championship; another professionally-run event!

Complete results below. See hole-by-hole results with the online scorecards from Tournament Expert here. And don’t forget to check out the 2012 Summit County Amateur’s Photo Gallery and Video Gallery!

Summit County Amateur Golf Championship

Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio
August 4 – 5th, 2012
Par 71

Schembechler, Richie6971140$750.00
Witmer, Michael7271143$600.00
Okeson, Chris7371144$550.00
Crewse, Aaron7372145$512.50
Thomas, Mark7372145$512.50
Schustrich, Robert7373146$425.00
McCauley, Conner7670146$425.00
Arison, Tom7175146$425.00
Cawley, Mike7967146$425.00
Metzendorf, Daniel7076146$425.00
Dazey, Joe7473147$350.00
Chadima, Jason7573148$275.00
Lahnan, Larry7771148$275.00
Simpson, Mike7474148$275.00
Anderson, Josh7672148$275.00
Guadagni, Mark7672148$275.00
Marr, Dan7673149$175.00
Sotka, David7475149$175.00
Lemon, Nevada7376149$175.00
Yacovazzi, Anthony7674150$102.27
Miller, Fred7476150$102.27
Heestand, Matt7575150$102.27
Oates, David7575150$102.27
Koch, Bobby7377150$102.27
Peterson, Kurt7377150$102.27
Skirpstas, Pete7278150$102.27
Vincelette, Brian7674150$102.27
Stallsmith, Anthony7377150$102.27
Grosso, Jim7674150$102.27
Cea, Jim7674150$102.27
Hennigan, Bob7675151 
Cockerham, Jeff7576151 
Blackburn, Steve7477151 
Klein, Adam7477151 
Clay, Josh7774151 
Mosholder, Zach7676152 
Warren, Matt7577152 
Barbour, Billy7478152 
Zachardy, Jason7776153 
Petry, Nathanael7875153 
Kirby, Tanner7578153 
Furlong, John8271153 
Kabasky, John7974153 
Kloetzer, Shaun7281153 
Freeman, Al7677153 
Li, Tommy7875153 
Niskanen, Jim7776153 
Alcorn, Dustin7776153 
Maxwell, Ryan8272154 
Seever, Tom7183154 
Davis, Tim7777154 
Pinzone, Anthony7877155 
Bergold, Bill8273155 
Scala, Sam7877155 
Campbell, Jeff7877155 
Thompson, Drew7976155 
Cutlip, Dean7878156 
Lewis, Alan7977156 
Ellison, Will7482156 
Plute, Chris7779156 
Koch, Spencer7977156 
Reitan, William8175156 
Bryson, Rick7680156 
Livak, Frank7779156 
Merrow, Rick7878156 
Ciccarello, Mark7681157 
Spittler, Pat7582157 
Spino, Bobby7879157 
Fleming, Doug8176157 
King, Mike7879157 
Murphy, Sean8077157 
Vanckunas, Chris7879157 
Linden, Jered7879157 
Rockich, Joe7682158 
Watkins, Tyler8078158 
Fricker, Steve7781158 
Carano, Marcus7979158 
Keshock, Alan8178159 
Yanko, Rob8079159 
Schaefer, Jimmy8079159 
Dugan, Michael7980159 
Meade, Ryan7584159 
Griffiths, Alex8179160 
Mullen, Scott8377160 
Hochschwender, Mike7981160 
Parker, Chase7981160 
Giaimo, Brandon7882160 
Kloetzer, Matt8179160 
Agarenzo, Mychal7882160 
Bailey, Bruce7585160 
Steffen, Frank7982161 
Hamilton, Mike8378161 
Slates, Chris7883161 
Denk, Joe8081161 
Shomo, Matt7685161 
Morton, Justin8576161 
Lowry, Rich8378161 
Stefanov, Larry8180161 
Wenger, Jeff7883161 
Kies, Rick7785162 
Lenartowicz, Michael8280162 
Letson, Chris8478162 
Ziga, Pat8379162 
Thompson, Tom8380163 
Finley, Jim7885163 
Bowers, Shaun8083163 
Shannon, Brandon8282164 
Kammer, Lonnie7985164 
Kerns, Larry8481165 
Bognar, Michael8481165 
Elliot, Travis8679165 
Rasmussen, Aaron8481165 
Gillingham, Matt8383166 
Harmon, Bobby8482166 
Mizer, Jeremy8285167 
Buchanan, Brandon9176167 
White, Mark7988167 
Krill, Denny8384167 
Larizza, Kevin8483167 
Tisch, Nolan8583168 
Armour, Mike8583168 
Gilleland, Nick8583168 
Loomis, Rob8880168 
Knight, Joe8682168 
Vanckunas, Steve8583168 
Zeien, Robert8187168 
Hatch, Lee8782169 
Shortridge, Mike8683169 
Sarsiat, Jon8485169 
Wilson, Steve8584169 
Palay, Landon8584169 
Marshall, David8584169 
Feeney, Pat8782169 
Angie, Mike8387170 
McCoy, Ron8486170 
Barbas, Jeff8684170 
Balca, Rob8190171 
Mastran, Mike9081171 
Markham, Tom8586171 
Marvin, Dino8488172 
Finley, Kohl8587172 
Reed, Dieken8983172 
Chadima, Brian8490174 
Mooney, Bill8886174 
Sattler, Dave9283175 
Karnuth, Scott8987176 
Carpenter, Jay9087177 
Bober, Justin9286178 
Finley, Austin8891179 
Erickson, Ryan9388181 
Schroeder, Remmington9490184 
Esmile, Oliver8997186 
Sanzenbacher, Curt9396189 
Horrigan, Dan9893191 
McSteen, John92103195 
Laubscher, Rocky87120207 
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