Oates Goes Back-to-Back at the 2011 Summit County Amateur; Wins the Event for the Fifth Time

Aaron Crewse - 2011 Summit Co Am
Crewse makes his tournament-tying effort on the final hole at the 2011 Summit County Am.

Summit County Amateur Golf ChampionshipDefending champion Dave Oates started the second round of the 2011 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship making bogey, then double-bogey.

Yup, three over par after the first two holes. Chili-choppin’ hacker stuff. Two shots back at the start of the day, now five shots back after just two holes.

It didn’t matter.

Dave Oates 2011 Summit Co Am

Oates rallied with four birdies on that same nine (the back nine at Good Park, where all the leaders start) and finished the day with a 2-under par score of 69 and a 1-under par 141 total to win his second consecutive Summit County Amateur title — amazingly, his fifth career win in the event.

But it’s not like Oates won going away, and that the day didn’t have it’s drama. Because it did, especially coming down to the final few holes.

33 players started Sunday’s round within five shots of the lead, but not many players in that big group made the heroic push. Pete Skirpstas of Medina posted the low round of the day, a 4-under par 67, but he started the final round six-over par and was too far back to rally. Ross Beal also made some incredible shots, including drives that came close to the greens on holes 15 and 17, but his roller-coaster round of 71 left him at 1-over par for the finale, yet another near miss. Drew Hanzel and Nathan Tartar played even par golf in round two, but couldn’t get their finishing totals under par.

First round leader Nick Lambos and past Summit County Am champion Aaron Crewse both played solid first rounds and then well enough throughout Sunday to have a great chance coming in to the final hole, the 214-yard par-3 ninth. (The final round leaders finish at the ninth hole because the back deck of Good Park serves as a fantastic set of bleachers for the crowd at the event.) Standing on that final tee, both players knew that Oates was in the clubhouse at 1-under par for the tournament, while both players were only at even par.

After sending their tee shots toward the final green, Lambos left himself with a swinging 40-foot putt from the left fringe, while Crewse’ solid hybrid over the front-right bunker gave him a 20-footer from just below the hole.

Nick Lambos 2011 Summit Co AmDrama time.

Lambos’ ball was a bit tight against the left collar and because of the distraction he didn’t pull off his best effort, leaving his birdie putt about five feet short.

One done, with only one more player to go.

After sizing it up, Crewse sent his twenty-footer towards the hole in stroke built of great tempo, and the crowd started rooting as the putt looked like it had a solid chance. But the ball curled away from the cup with just a couple of inches to go, and Crewse was nearly on his knees when the ball stopped because he couldn’t believe he left it short.

Oates had won again.

Five times winning a single event — any event, let alone one with the quality of field at the Summit County Am — is an impressive feat. No other player may ever match Dave Oates’ record in the Summit County Am. But even more impressive is the character of the gentlemen who play, as the three top finishers made a grand gesture: Oates, Lambos and Crewse all decided to donate their gift certificate winnings to the 2012 Good Park Junior Tournament in memory of Dave Barnes, the former Good Park staffer who passed away last year and is now memorialized through the event. Barnes always put great effort into running the Junior Tournament, and the three top players decided to make the donation in his memory. That gesture, made by the during the trophy presentation, broke the voice of long-time tournament director Larry Zimmerman; a truly nice moment.

FINAL RESULTS: 2011 Summit County Amateur Golf Championship
Good Park Golf Course, Akron Ohio – Par 71
August 6th – 7th, 2011:

PlayerRd 1Rd 2TotalPrize
David Oates7269141$ 750.00
Aaron Crewse7171142$ 600.00
Nick Lambos6974143$ 525.00
Ross Beal7271143$ 525.00
Drew Hanzel7271143$ 525.00
Nathan Tarter7371144$ 437.50
Pete Skirpstas7767144$ 437.50
Bob Henighan7272144$ 437.50
John Furlong7173144$ 437.50
Matt Mullen7273145$ 362.50
Robert Schustrich7174145$ 362.50
Brian Lisic7473147$ 275.00
Rick Bryson7473147$ 275.00
David Pulk7374147$ 275.00
David Griffith7572147$ 275.00
Richie Schembechler7671147$ 275.00
Kurt Peterson7276148$ 156.25
Jake Wetzel7474148$ 156.25
Tyler Maranville7375148$ 156.25
Brendan Byrne7375148$ 156.25
Mark Guadagni7376149$ 100.00
Steve Fricker7673149$ 100.00
Connor McCaulley7475149$ 100.00
Mike Simpson7178149$ 100.00
Stephen Spalding7475149$ 100.00
Mike King7674150$ 100.00
David Archer II7773150$ 100.00
Steve Bednar7377150$ 100.00
Mark Thomas7674150$ 100.00
Al Freeman7674150$ 100.00
Josh Anderson7675151 
Isaac Charette7477151 
Rob Yanko7477151 
Jonathan Riemer7576151 
Steve Blackburn Jr.7378151 
Rick Kies7675151 
Dean Cutlip7478152 
Brad Trice7775152 
Joe Hedrick7379152 
William Schaefer7478152 
Anthony Yacovazzi7874152 
Tom Baugh7379152 
Scott Coe7973152 
Joe Ungvary Jr.7677153 
Phil Bojc7776153 
Jim Cea7479153 
Howard Clendenin7677153 
Bryan Mitchell7182153 
Lonnie Kammer7578153 
David Trier7776153 
Matt Timmons7677153 
Chris Minear7578153 
Jim Schaefer7578153 
Matt Heestand7777154 
Jerry Moore7777154 
Jason Chadima7678154 
Alan Keshock8074154 
Jordan Grubb8074154 
Mike Armour7678154 
Ron Bell7975154 
Brian McPherran7579154 
Rob Balca7877155 
Tom Thompson7679155 
Michael Mastran7679155 
Cody Cutright7778155 
Shaun Kloetzer7976155 
Ryan Oldfield7580155 
Jim Krivanek7382155 
Tom Arison8274156 
Mike Witmer8076156 
Tom Stack7977156 
Tommy Li8175156 
Dan Marr7977156 
Jason Zachardy8076156 
Dan Mosholder7482156 
Ray Prokop7581156 
Rich Lowry7680156 
John Kabasky7681157 
Ryan Maxwell7879157 
Doug Fleming7582157 
Jeff Campbell8077157 
David Chapple7978157 
Billy Barbour7978157 
Kyle Danals8176157 
Tom Markham7979158 
Joe Dazey8078158 
Sean Bowers7781158 
Sean Hunka8078158 
Bobby Spino7979158 
Tanner Kirby8276158 
Tom Seever8177158 
Fred Miller7980159 
Brian Vincelette7683159 
Jim Niskanem7980159 
Kyle Sutter8376159 
Jason Stevenson8376159 
Jeff Basinger7782159 
Matt Warren8178159 
Jim Tarter7981160 
Nevada Lemon8080160 
Frank Livak8278160 
John Stefanik8080160 
Brandon Giaimo8477161 
Rob Loomis8378161 
Ron McCoy8279161 
Mark Ciccarello8676162 
Mark White8082162 
Mike Crute8280162 
Dan Bania8280162 
Kenny Chuparkoff7983162 
Landon Palay8479163 
Brian Chadima8083163 
David Sattler8479163 
Jay Carpenter8380163 
Alan Lewis8380163 
Lee Hatch7984163 
John Baranek8578163 
Scott Mullen8282164 
Noah Hobarth8282164 
Mychal Agarenzo8777164 
Rocco Cona8183164 
Jim Grosso8084164 
Brian Sovak8084164 
Tyler Elton7787164 
Patrick Coughlin8382165 
Chris Plute8481165 
Tom Ward8481165 
Sam Scala8085165 
Andrew Bryant8383166 
David Marshall8482166 
Scott Coats7987166 
Dustin Alcorn8384167 
Derek Duda8582167 
Brandon Isobe8483167 
Matt Gillingham8384167 
Denny Krill8681167 
Will Ellison7989168 
Pat Feeney8385168 
Greg Brozeit8484168 
Dieken Reed8485169 
Chet Shedloski8584169 
Daniel Walker8486170 
Alex Griffiths8288170 
Dan Horrigan8585170 
Raul Mendoza8289171 
Jeff Barbas8487171 
Brandon Buchanan8785172 
Mike Angie8488172 
David Barry7895173 
Mike Hamilton8589174 
Steve Wilson8095175 
Bruce Bailey8890178 
Dave Jursak9287179 
Ryan Erickson9091181 
John Walker8993182 
Rocky Laubscher9493187 
Josh Kaluzne81DQDQ 
Josh Dewees77WDWD 
Anthony Stallsmith80WDWD 
Rick Merrow82WDWD 
Tim Heavner83WDWD 
Ron Miller84WDWD 
Chris Sherwin85WDWD 
John Winpisinger86WDWD 
Larry Lahnan78WDWD 
Tim Davis74WDWD 

Gift certificate prizes will be available at Chippewa GC.

RD1 Tim Davis – Eagle #12 $700
RD1 Jim Krivanek – Eagle #14 $700
RD2 John Furlong – Eagle #14 $1,400

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