Oates Wins His Fourth Summit County Amateur

Dave Oates Wins 2010 Summit County Am
Dave Oates plays his final hole in victory at the 2010 Summit County Amateur

Summit County Amateur Golf ChampionshipDave Oates of Canton earned his fourth win in the Summit County Amateur Golf Championship on Sunday, finishing at 3-under par 139 to win by two shots over runner-up and past champion Kurt Peterson.

But the final outcome was never really as close as the two shot difference sounds.

Oates played a solid first nine holes at 2-under par 34 to maintain his starting two shot lead, and ran out to a 4-shot lead after a chip-in eagle on the par-5 second hole (his 11th of the day; Good Park’s nines are played in reverse in the final round). Peterson kept plugging away, hitting it close on several occasions on the final nine, but failing to connect on the birdie putts.

Then on the par-4 seventh hole (16th of the day), it looked as if the tournament may get more interesting as Peterson hit his second shot 5-feet away for birdie, while Oates hit an indifferent shot just off the front fringe. But Oates made the 50-foot bomb of a birdie putt before Peterson had his chance, essentially closing the door on the victory. Oates bogeyed eight and nine for the final margin, as it mattered little.

With the win, Oates ties Barry Terjesen for the most Summit County Amateur titles, with each player now holding four.

In the big skins game, the big winner on the weekend was Pete Skirpstas of Medina, as he made eagle on the 560-yard par-5 fifth hole on both Saturday and Sunday, good for a skin each day. On Saturday, eagle skins were also won on the par-5 second hole by Joe Swiathowski and the par-5 14th hole by Vince Lorenzo, while Sunday’s skins winners were Skirpstas, Corey Leventhal with a birdie on the long par-3 sixth, and Dustin Alcorn with an eagle on the 14th. Skins were worth $450 each day.

Game stories: Plain Dealer | Akron Beacon Journal.

As always, a big thank you to Larry Zimmerman, Greg Enright, Dave Chapple, Todd Bertermann and all the other great golf guys who put forth the time and effort to make the Summit County Amateur the event it is.

The trophy presentation for the 2010 Summit County Amateur Championship


Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio – Par 71
In Memory of David Barnes – Sunday, August 1, 2010

1Oates, David6970139$750.00
2Peterson, Kurt7071141$600.00
3Lisic, Brian7270142$537.50
Beal, Ross7171142$537.50
5Furlong, John7172143$500.00
6Skirpstas, Peter7173144$475.00
7Griffith, David7471145$375.00
Henighan, Bob7372145$375.00
Merrow, Rick7273145$375.00
Albright, Carl7273145$375.00
Miller, Fred7174145$375.00
Mitchell, Bryan7273145$375.00
Schembechler, Richie7174145$375.00
14Lahnan, Larry7472146$225.00
Cutlip, Dean7472146$225.00
Grady, Mark7472146$225.00
Trier, David7472146$225.00
Sample, Rob7571146$225.00
19Krivanek, Jimmy7473147$137.50
Anderson, Josh7572147$137.50
21Bell, Ron7474148$100.00
Ciccarello, Mark7375148$100.00
Charette, Issac7573148$100.00
Freeman, Al7177148$100.00
Parker, Quinn7573148$100.00
Lorenzo, Vince7078148$100.00
27Cea, Jim7475149$50.00
Pulk, David7376149$50.00
Baugh, Tom7376149$50.00
Heestand, Matt7277149$50.00
Skorman, Randy7178149$50.00
Bryson, Rick7574149$50.00
Fricker, Steve7079149$50.00
Lambos, Nick7574149$50.00
35Vincelette, Brian7377150
Leventhal, Corey7377150
Underwood, Doug7674150
Spalding, AJ7278150
Yacovazzi, Anthony7278150
Kabasky, John7179150
Marr, Dan7080150
Penrose, Jason7080150
43Koch, Josh7972151
Clendenin, Howard7279151
Wanders, Jon7675151
Beebe, Brian7576151
47Wahl, Adam8072152
Bednar, Steve7973152
Thomas, Mark7973152
Niskanen, Jim7379152
Nickson, Cody7379152
Tarter, Nathan7280152
53Carano, Marcus7974153
Loomis, Rob7974153
Ungvary, Joe Jr.7479153
Brown, Josh7380153
Simpson, Mike7380153
Coe, Scott7677153
59Fleming, Doug7777154
Kayafas, Chris7975154
Trice, Bradley7876154
Yaugo, David7777154
Crewse, Aaron7678154
Kies, Rick7579154
65Minear, Chris7976155
Marshall, David7976155
Mastran, Michael7481155
Bognar, Michael7877155
Schustrich, Robert Jr.7679155
Zebris, Jim7679155
Lowry, Rich7580155
Gaudagni, Mark7580155
73Chadima, Jason7779156
Hedrick, Joe7878156
Sargent, Nathan7878156
76Wien, David8176157
Danals, Nate7978157
Winpisinger, Dave7582157
Baldwin, Drew7879157
Dota, Michael7879157
Scala, Sam7780157
Cockerham, Jeff7681157
Burke, John7681157
84Zachardy, Jason7880158
Winpisinger, John8276158
Wellman, Matt8078158
Spalding, Stephen8177158
Stack, Tom8078158
Pikus, Kevin7979158
Brown, Sean7979158
King, Mike7979158
Walker, Charles8276158
McCaulley, Conner7979158
94Feeney, Pat7881159
Davis, Tim7782159
Sutter, Kyle8079159
Alcorn, Dustin7881159
Reimer, Jonathan7881159
Beach, Ray7881159
Chuparkoff, Kenny7881159
Warren, Matt7782159
Swiathowski, Joe7683159
Clay, Josh7683159
Strang, Lance7683159
105Angie, Mike8080160
Hochschwender, Mike8179160
Abercrombie, Scott8080160
Agarenzo, Mychal7981160
Deal, Jeff7882160
Uecker, Jack7882160
Gillingham, Matt7783160
112Li, Tommy8279161
Wenger, Jeff8081161
Walker, Daniel8279161
Buschko, Tom7982161
Lewis, Alan7883161
Plute, Chris7784161
118Milinkovich, Marc8280162
Maxwell, Ryan8181162
Prokop, Ray8181162
Sweat, Phil7983162
Thompson, Drew7389162
123Danals, Kyle8776163
Basinger, Jeff Jr.8380163
Moore, Jerry7984163
126Burge, Geoffrey8381164
Hamlin, Scott8678164
Carpenter, Jay8084164
McHugh, Tyler7985164
Grosso, Jim7688164
131Howard, Neil8382165
Vujas, Mike8382165
Miano, Tommy8283165
Oldfield, Ryan8184165
Okeson, Chris7986165
136Bania, Dan8581166
Stoll, Nick8284166
Hamilton, Mike8383166
Chapple, David8482166
Jackson, Elijah8482166
Armour, Mike8383166
Ellison, Will8284166
143Kweel, Denny8186167
Barbas, Jeffrey8780167
Hatch, Lee8582167
Pennington, Tyler7988167
147McCoy, Ron8484168
Gilleland, Nick8088168
149Hobarth, Noah9178169
150Chadima, Brian8585170
151Culver, Kevin8685171
Schultz, Patrick8586171
Fanelly, Dan8190171
154Camillo, Pat8587172
White, Mark8785172
156Brozeit, Greg8885173
Morton, Justin8390173
Skimin, James R.8192173
159Tharp, Curtiss8887175
160Erickson, Ryan8888176
161Shortridge, Mike8989178
Dearth, Kevin8395178
163Laubscher, Rocky8693179
164Crew, Dave9092182
165Durden, Tyler9393186
Chris Slates75WD
Josh Kaluzne79WD
Bobby Koch82WD
Blake DeSimio
John Walker83WD
Jim Tarter83WD
Scott Coates83WD
Spencer Koch85WD

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  1. August 1, 2010

    Way to go Dave!!!!!!

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