NOHIO.GOLF Oak Shadows 2-P Better Ball

Oak Shadows Golf Club

1063 Oak Shadows Drive NE, New Philadelphia   COURSE DETAILS >

Sat Sep 23, 2023 - 12:00 PM Start

EVENT TYPE / ASSOCIATION: NOHIO.GOLF Series, Amateur, Senior, Women
EVENT FORMAT: 2-Player Team Event, Better Ball, Skins Game

Oak Shadows Golf Club, New Philadelphia

NOHIO.GOLF Tournament SeriesNorthern Ohio Golf and Oak Shadows Golf Club present a 2-player, amateurs-only better ball on Saturday, September 23 with tee times beginning at 11:40 a.m.


All players compete in ONE DIVISION from VARIABLE TEES BY AGE. Tees are set so that the line of play is the same for all competitors and spaced so that no age group has an advantage against the rest of the field:

– men ages 18-54 play from the back tees;
– men ages 55-64 play from the middle tees;
– men ages 65+ and and women under age 35 play from the senior/forward tees;
– women ages 35+ play from the far-forward tees.

Players of different ages/genders may play on the same team, using the appropriate tees as outlined above.


Entry Fee is $220/team ($110 per player) all-in, which includes golf+cart. Per player, $40 goes to the tournament pot, $20 to skins, and $10 to operations/NOGA scoring. All pot and skins money collected will be paid in cash or gift cards, player’s choice.

Prizes based on 40 teams: 1st $1,000; 2nd $760; 3rd $500; 4th $300; 5th $200; paid down to 10 places. Skins Pot: $1,600.

Prizes are distributed to the top 25% of finishers per the prize chart, always based on the number of paid tournament entries received. THE MORE ENTRIES RECEIVED THE LARGER THE FINAL PAYOUT.

All skins game money collected is paid out in full based on the number of skins won. If no outright skins are won, a split of the skins pot will be divided among the least-tied holes.

All ties split; no playoffs. Prizes will be paid by the same method as received the day following the event. Gift certificates will be sent by mail.


The $220 TEAM ENTRY FEE must be paid online in advance of the event; an entry without payment is not considered made or accepted. Pay only by team; please do not pay individually. The entry fee payment may be sent using:

VENMO: send payment to @Allen-Freeman-NOHIOGOLF (NO credit/debit cards and DO NOT select the ‘pay for product’ option!)

Strike payment appSTRIKE: a Venmo competitor that isn’t politicized like Venmo-owner Paypal. And when you create a new Strike account they’ll give you $5. After you set up an account, send $220 team payment to

– you may also use ZELLE or PAYPAL but funding only using the account or checking account option (i.e. no credit/debit cards and do not select the ‘pay for product’ option!). Payments must be sent to the email address

– or PAY BY CREDIT CARD with a $4/player charge added to the entry fee to cover credit card processing costs and mailing out a prize check.

No matter which payment option is used, a reply confirmation will be sent upon receipt (not automated, so please be patient).





NOGA Live ScoringAgain in 2023, the NOHIO.GOLF Series will feature LIVE SCORING with the Northern Ohio Golf Association! For that system, we need to create a Master Roster with basic information for each player. This is a one-time ask, as once we have you in the system, you are in and it need not be submitted again.

After submitting your entry fee payment, PLEASE EMAIL US the following information for each player (but only if you have not done so in the past):

EMAIL ADDRESS (for event info like starting times, results)
PHONE NUMBER (for texts about weather warnings and cancellations)
DATE OF BIRTH (for variable tees by age)
GHIN # (if you have one)

Operations Details

Starting times will be posted the Thursday prior by 5p. Groupings will be randomly assigned, but requests for early or late starting times will be accepted up until the entry deadline.

Scores and payouts will posted to soon after the event. Prize payments will be sent out within 24 hours after the completion of the event, distributed using the same method in which payment was received.

The NOHIO.GOLF Series events are run as competitive tournaments. So unless there are hours of heavy rains before and at our starting time, the event will be played. A forecasted chance of rain or a light rain at our starting times is not a reason to cancel in advance. If the forecast is for lightning or a near-certain amount of rain that will clearly cause standing water, then an early cancellation is a possibility. But if the course is playable and the weather manageable, the event will be played.

If the event is canceled due to weather, full refunds will be returned in the same manner of payment as provided within 24 hours. A player or team may cancel after the entry fee payment is made up until the entry deadline, but a $10/player administrative fee will be deducted from the refunded entry amount. After the entry deadline, no refunds will be provided if the event is conducted, regardless of reason.

Questions? Email us!