DCP Local Qualifier – Mill Creek

Mill Creek Golf Course

1 West Golf Drive, Boardman   COURSE DETAILS >

Sun Jul 18, 2021 - 11:00 AM Start

EVENT TYPE / ASSOCIATION: Junior Tournaments

Drive, Chip and Putt

A Local Qualifying Event of Drive, Chip and Putt, presented by the Masters Tournament, United States Golf Association and The PGA of America.

There is NO ENTRY FEE for Drive, Chip and Putt.

Participants compete in all three skills (drive, chip and putt) and hit three shots per skill for a total of nine shots. Points are accumulated per shot at each skill. The overall champion in each division is determined by the participant with the most points accumulated between all three skills.

Drive, Chip and Putt is open to boys and girls ages 7-15. Boys and girls will compete in separate divisions in four age categories: 7-9 years old; 10-11 years old; 12-13 years old; and 14-15 years old.

For additional information on eligibility, scoring and more, please visit the Rules and Regulations page.

Local qualifying participants move on to the Sub-Regional Qualifier at Westfield Country Club on Monday, August 9th. From there, qualifiers move on to Regionals at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI.