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Chippewa Golf Club

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Mon Aug 3, 2020 - 04:30 PM Start

EVENT TYPE / ASSOCIATION: Chippewa Scratch League, Amateur, Senior
EVENT FORMAT: 2-Player Team Event, Jumble, Skins Game

Amateurs: compete weekly in the Chippewa Monday Scratch League in a rotating 2-player team event format — plus big skins!

Players can compete with the same partner each week or mix it up and play with different partners all of the time. League entry fees are collected weekly individually (not by team), so a player can partner with anyone on any week.

No advance registration required: just show up, pair up and tee off.

As in year’s past, each player’s weekly results for prizes and skins will be counting toward the 2020 League Leaderboard, determining the Scratch League champion.

Additional details:

Tee Times:
The Scratch League tee will be open every non-holiday Monday from 4:30-6:00 pm for the league. Be on time!

Formats: (alternate weekly): 2-player scramble, better ball, shamble and jumble on Steak Nights. Prizes are split 50% / 30% / 20% for 1st / 2nd / 3rd, plus big skins (carry-over if there is no outright skin winner). Rules for each format will be posted to the Chippewa Scratch League page for easy online access in 2020.

Age Groups:
Under Age 55: blue tees
Age 55+: white tees

Steak Nights:
There will be TWO 3/3/3 Steak Nights in 2020 – one held mid-season (Week 9) and one for the season finale (Week 18). A delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings will cost just $20! No reservations are needed, just pay when you check in that evening for golf.

Weekly Scratch League Fees: for the league 9 holes, per player
$25 golf + cart (or $15 to walk)
$15 prize pot entry
$10 skins entry
$50 all-in total ($40 to walk)

Monday Noon Big Skins Game: 18 hole big skins in advance of League
The Monday Noon Big Skins Game will continue in 2020, with the tee open from 12:00-12:45pm. Noon skins players must be on time as the entry envelope closes promptly at 12:45pm – no exceptions!

Cost for the skins game itself is $50 for amateurs and $100 for pros. 18 holes of golf+cart is $35 for the game. For amateurs who play in both the Noon Big Skins and the Scratch League, the all day Monday golf + cart fee is just $40!

BEST DEAL OF ALL: Chippewa Golf+Cart Monday Membership

Get unlimited golf+cart on Mondays all year long for just $600! If you play more then two times in the Noon Big Skins Game, this is by far the best deal for you!

Questions? Need more information? Call the Chippewa pro shop at (330) 658-6126.