Drew Torzok wins 2021 NCJT Scholarship

Drew Torzok, 2021 NCJT Scholarship winner
Drew Torzok, 2021 NCJT Scholarship winner

North Coast Junior TourDrew Torzok of Kirtland was selected as the winner of the Denny Spaulding Golf Scholarship at the North Coast Junior Tour’s JR-4AM Scholarship Golf Classic at Sand Ridge on July 8th, 2021.

Drew earned a $1,500 scholarship for being an outstanding student, a good tournament player and an all around great person. We are very proud of Drew and wish him well on his promising future.

The weather won the JR-4AM competition.

The event started on time at 10 AM, but after 6 holes Sand Ridge was under thunderstorms and rain delays. At 1pm the chef had a great BBQ cookout ready for the field. After the delicious meal the field resumed play, but it was short lived: 2 holes later the sky’s were dark again and heavy rain washed out the remainder of the day.

At the time the team leader was Team Stickler: Mike Stickler, Greg Eterovich, Thomas Wong, Ella Wong and Matt Blumenthal (JR), they were 7 under thru 8 holes. Three teams were at 6 under par when it ended.

The junior leader was Antonio Bodziony, who stood 1 under thru 8 holes. Dominik Cosic and Charlie Pollock were even par thru 8 holes too, so the competition in all divisions was lining up to be a good one.

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