Crewse Bomb Seals Summit County Am Victory

Summit County Amateur Golf ChampionshipWith Anthony Yacovazzi about 15 feet closer and looking for his third birdie in five holes, and with the lead down to just two shots, Aaron Crewse of Uniontown could have felt a little pressure. His 5-wood to the 219-yard par-3 tournament finishing hole at Good Park was off the front of the green, and he was staring at an uphill 48-foot putt to try to hang on to the 2009 Summit County Amateur Championship.

But using the same “sight it and hit it” tempo that had served Crewse well for 35 holes, he read the putt, stepped up and calmly rapped it up the slope and into the hole, much to the delight of the crowd that filled Good Park’s “stands”.

The unlikely “downtown” birdie at the finish allowed Crewse to close the day at 2-under par 69, good for a 5-under par total of 137, a three shot victory and his first Summit County Am win. But to Crewse, the final putt was not the key to victory.

“The key to the round for me was the up-and-downs I made for par on my first nine,” said the 37-year old Crewse. “I made a par save on my first hole from about 12 feet, another good save on my second hole from about 6 feet, and a big up and down from about 20 feet on my seventh hole on the front nine. Those saves kept the feeling going for me, which helped me focus on what I was doing instead of worry about anyone else.”

Plain Dealer story here. Akron Beacon Journal story here; photo gallery here. Complete results follow…

FINAL RESULTS – August 1 – 2, 2009

Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio,  Par 71
PlayerRd 1Rd 2TOTAL
Crewse, Aaron6869137
Lower, Justin7169140
Yacovazzi, Anthony7070140
Anderson, Josh7867145
Barbour, Billy7471145
Minear, Chris7372145
Lahnan, Larry7670146
Elber, Patrick7472146
Crute, Michael7373146
Bergold, Bill7274146
Peterson, Kurt7175146
Furlong, John7175146
Skirpstas, Peter7869147
Savage, Matt7374147
Henighan, Bob7374147
Beebe, Brian7573148
Pulk, David7573148
Griffith, David7276148
Heestand, Matt7276148
Albright, Carl7673149
Parker, Quinn7673149
Kohler, Chris7574149
Skorman, Randy7475149
Smith, Ben7674150
Alcorn, Dustin7674150
Heran, Scott7476150
Thomas, Mark7476150
Okeson, Chris7377150
Smith, Brian8071151
Duran, Patrick7972151
Yanko, Rob7972151
Carpenter, Jay7874152
Reimer, Jonathan7874152
Cea, Jim7775152
Grubb, Jordan7676152
Miller, Fred7577152
Davis, Tim7577152
Arison, Dan7478152
Kies, Rick7478152
Marr, Dan7578153
Stallsmith, Anthony7776153
Mosholder, Dan7677153
Trier, David7578153
Wadsworth, Bob7479153
Mangon, Brett8272154
Li, Tommy8074154
Peck, Dave7975154
Freeman, Allen7777154
Baugh, Tom7678154
Terjesen, Barry7480154
Voinovich, Steve7282154
Agarenzo, Mychal7778155
Clay, Josh8174155
Charette, Issac7976155
Brinkman, Alex7976155
Stack, Tom7877155
Grosso, Jim7877155
Bryson, Rick7778155
Carney, Chris7778155
Bania, Dan7778155
Loomis, Rob7778155
Waters, Sean7679155
Guadagni, Mark7580155
Tarter, Nathan7481155
Mullin, Matt7382155
Grieve, Mike7878156
Miano, Tommy8175156
Fleming, Doug7977156
Livak, Frank7977156
Spalding, Stephen7878156
Foss, Mark7878156
Nixon, Brandon7680156
Abercrombie, Scott8176157
Lowry, Rich8077157
Armour, Mike8077157
Chapple, Dave7879157
Fricker, Steve7879157
Vincelette, Brian7780157
Merrow, Rick7582157
Dota, Michael8177158
Mastran, Michael8078158
Bednar, Steven8078158
Lorenzo, Vince7979158
Scala, Sam7979158
Purcell, Mark7781158
Lisic, Brian8178159
Snoddy, Brian8475159
McCauley, Conner8376159
Angie, Mike8277159
Clendenin, Howard8277159
Longer, Richard8079159
Desimo, Blake7980159
Predovic, Dan7980159
Horner, Larry7980159
Heavner, Tim7980159
Feith, Taylor7980159
Hochschwender, Mike7881159
Willgues, Kurt8278160
Schaefer, Jim8575160
Spalding, AJ8179160
Demeter, Mike8179160
Cockerham, Jeff8179160
Sutter, Joe8179160
Winpisinger, Dave8080160
Larose, Frank7981160
Goodwin, Danny7882160
Uecker, Jack7783160
Yaugo, David7783160
McGarry, Mike8378161
Chadima, Jason8477161
Breen, Brian8180161
Breen, Tim8180161
Maxwell, Ryan7982161
Ungvary Jr, Joe8478162
Zachardy, Jason8379162
Large, Steve7983162
Schaefer, Bill7983162
Hamilton, Mike8578163
Leventhal, Corey8479163
Speicher, Philip8380163
Eberle, Kelcey8182163
Dallas, Jeff8083163
Nemeth, Joe7984163
Brockman, Michael7984163
Marshall, David7984163
Tyrell, Patrick7885163
Basinger Jr, Jeff8183164
Bruell, Julian7886164
Trem, Andy7787164
Ellison, Will8481165
Carano, Marcus7986165
Burge, Geoffrey8482166
Smith, Dianna7789166
Wenger, Jeff8978167
Hamlin, Scott8879167
Varrone, Kyle8483167
Puch, Jonathan8384167
Prokop, Ray8087167
Hatch, Lee8583168
Lewis, Alan8583168
Crowley, Tom8187168
Duda, Derek8881169
Bender, Lee8485169
Plute, Chris8882170
Reed, James8783170
Chadima, Brian8783170
Proudfoot, Brandon8585170
Defago, Damien8189170
Hughes, Keith8883171
Dague, Chris8883171
Wilson, Steve8685171
Mooney, Bill9181172
Lynum II, Warren8290172
Krill, Denny9083173
Nehlsen, Sean8489173
Larizza, Kevin9084174
Winpisinger, John8887175
Speicher, Michael8393176
Chuparkoff, Kenny8988177
Laubscher, Rocky8889177
DAndrea, Dante8791178
Smith Jr, Thomas9287179
Trent, Adam9090180
Breen, Kevin9190181
Palay, Landon8893181
Horrigan, Dan9192183
Kaminski, Michael8994183
Green, Josh9391184
Kotlyn, Mike102104206


SKINS: $1,440 each day
Saturday: Matt Mullen (Eagle 3 #14)
Sunday: Josh Clay (Eagle 3 #2); Keith Hughes (Birdie 3 #18)

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