Cleveland Metroparks Golf ‘Player of the Year’ Race Tight Heading Into Saturday’s Tour Championship

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Cleveland Metroparks Golf DivisionWith a top-5 showing at the Barbour Cup on Saturday, A.J. Borisa has climbed to the top of the Player of the Year point standings in Cleveland Metroparks Golf’s 2012 season-long race. But plenty of players still have a chance to win the title at this Saturday’s big finale, the Tour Championship at Manakiki.

Borisa and Steve Blackburn Sr. finished in fifth place at the Bill Barbour Cup at Sleepy Hollow, which earned each of them 12 points. That gives Borisa 86 points on the season, moving him past Nick Palladino who remains at 80 (and probably will stay there for good, as he’s away at college).

Blackburn Sr. moves from 5th into 4th place with 70 points.

David Sotka is now tied for second place with Palladino after he and Steve Blackburn Jr. won the Barbour Cup. That win also jumped Blackburn Jr. up 30 spots, to a tie for 12th!

Brian Smith moved into the Top Ten Bonus Pool payout when he and Norton Brick finished 4th at the Barbour Cup, moving up six slots from 14th to 8th.

This Saturday’s Tour Championship at Manakiki is the last event of the season to earn Player of the Year Points. This is an individual medal play event with the winner earning 40 points, so plenty of movement in the standings is still expected.

Eligible players who are not yet entered must do so quickly, as the starting times will be released mid-week. Get your entry in for Manakiki TODAY! [Entry details here.] To see a list of players eligible to enter, see the bottom of this page.

The top 10 players in the standings will split the Bonus Pool, which will be paid out as a straight gift card (not as merchandise credit)! The current projected payout is:

1st $450
2nd $350
3rd $260
4th $220
5th $190
6th $160
7th $140
8th $120
9th $90
10th $60

The 2012 Player of the Year also receives an exemption into the 2013 Cleveland Amateur Championship!

Points Standings for the 2012 Cleveland Metroparks Golf ‘Player of the Year’ after the Bill Barbour Cup on Saturday, October 6th:

1A.J. Borisa862
T2Nick Palladino801
T2David Sotka804
4Steve Blackburn Sr.705
5Scott Heran623
6Dave Stover607
7Mark Borlin566
8Brian Smith5014
9Brad Poe489
10Dan Metzendorf478
11Mark Hubert4319
T12Amy Suleiman40T9
T12Bryan Yeo40T9
T12Pete Skirpstas40T9
T12Jonathen Riemer40T9
T12Steve Blackburn Jr.40T42
17Derek Duda38T45
T18Matt Heestand36T14
T18Tegan Skirpstas36T14
T18Tim Cebula36T14
T18Zachery Bates36T14
T18Ryan Stefanski36T42
T18Allen Freeman36T42
T24Kevin Hagen34T39
T24Norton Brick34T42
T24Doug Barber34T54
T27Holly James32T20
T27Kory Oslie32T20
T27Bill Bergold32T20
T27Marty Guest32T20

In addition to the list of players above, all of the following players are eligible to compete in the Tour Championship at Manakiki this Saturday (i.e. anyone who has won any points in a Cleveland Metroparks Golf tournament this season):
Joe Mannix
Jake Wetzel
Billy Barbour
Matthew Frey
Paul Woznicki
Brad Steven
Patrick Tyrell
Michael Mintz
Drew Thompson
Madison Musick
Abby Tepe
Dave Donofrio
Ray Prokop
Kevin Tournoux
Pat Tournoux
Bob Couch
Alex Brinkman
Nicole Trivisonno
Frank Whites III
Ray Prokop
Shane Ash
Chris Okeson
Charles Milo
Tim Hahn
Jason Nicholas
Dan Nicholas
Ashley Franks
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Harmori
Joe Puch
Dennis Berkheimer
Mitchell Shorne
Ward Crane
Chris Davis
Cary Slabaugh
Chris Dietz
Todd Walker
Brad Burns
Scott Saari
Aaron Osysko
Tony Pinzone
Katie Kohut
Joe Zabukovec
Phil Bojc
Paul Minko
Ron Ritner
Niko Anagost
Russ Rybka
John Grabowski
Bill Randorf
Ward Watkins
Matt Mintz
Greg Sowa
Brian Juguilon
Doug Hubert
Kaitlin Neumann
Larry Lahnan
John Furlong
Jack Elber
Charlly Pak
Steve Tischler
Brian Tischler
Joe Denk
Will Schwartz
Kevin Metzger
Brian Metzger
Randy Crider
Mike Ross
Mike Beres
Paul Krueger
Scott Tournoux
Sam Troyer
Douglas Sessor
Mike Musacchia
Michael Renner
Andy Slayman
Mark Foss
Troy Buckley
Joe Potkay
Mike Strachan
Jeremiah Smith
Paul LaGrottria
Matt Kanan
Caitlin Kempton
Mark Ciccarello
Sean McGuire
Kevin Mueller
Alex DiPalma
Paul Figuly
Jared Miller
Bobby Harmon
Matthew Kreider
Lauren Kreider
Dan Predovic
Ryan Foster
William Wood
Michael Muller
Eric Ralls
Max Stedman
Jon Spaulding
John Kalnasy
Dave Engler
John Wypasek
Bob Wypasek
Mike Angie
Rob Power
Tom Rude
Travis Conner
Josh Manco
San Conner
Andrew Conner

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