Chippewa Scratch League – Week 3 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

The Chippewa Scratch League held its first night of “combined score” (where both players nine-hole scores count for the team total) — and, candidly, the golf course won.

Three teams tied for the victory with a total score of six-over par 78, which pretty much says it all. Congrats to Mike Armour and Tommy Li, Tom Stiller and Dave Petracca, and Sam Spino and Dave Oates for grinding their way to the win.

There were also a number of skins won (complete results below), again showing that the golf course had more teeth than any team of players this early in the season. But cash is cash…

NOTE there is no league play next Monday due to the Memorial Day holiday; play will resume Monday, June 2.

Week 3 Results – 5/19/08: Combined Score, Back Nine
T1st Armour – Li 78  
T1st T. Stiller – Petracca 78   
T1st Spino – Oates 78 
($56 per team Pro Pot; Gift Certificates TBD) 

Skins – $120 each   
Thompson – Niskanen #10  
Olney – Pillitiere #13
Spino – Oates #15
Armour – Li #17 
Sr. Skins – $15 each  
Niskanen-Thompson #10 & #11  
Cea – Davis #12
T.Stiller – Petracca #14 & #15  
Kline – Kline #18

Note: the year-long 2008 Chippewa Scratch League Standings will be posted weekly once the final number of teams are determined for gift certificate prize amounts.

–Allen Freeman

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