Chippewa Scratch League – Week 19 Results FINAL

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

The team of Brad Stewart and Don Olney put together a strong 4-under par 32 better ball score on the front nine of Chippewa Monday. But by not putting their hands into their pockets before teeing off, they cost themselves $200!

Stewart and Olney won the final league night of the season by a single shot over two teams. But they missed out on collecting the Pro Pot, as the team did not enter – saving themselves $10 each.

Sam Spino and Dave Oates took the season-long crown, each winning over $1,600 on the year; congratulations to the pair on a great season. Final 2008 standings for the Chippewa Scratch League are posted here.

The $100 Monday Big Skins Game at 11:30 and a 9-hole scratch game to follow will still be played at Chippewa so long as the weather remains reasonable. Players looking for a little October golf should continue to come out to Chippewa on Mondays”¦

Week 19: 9/29/08 – Best Ball, Front Nine
1st – Olney – Stewart  31    Not In Pro Pot    $200.00 Gift Cert
T2nd – Mallette – Kracker  32    $100.00 PP    $75.00 GC
T2nd – Barnes – Heleaney  32    $100.00 PP    $75.00 GC

Mozingo – Martin  #2    $165.00
M.Stiller – Troy  #3    $165.00
Olney – Stewart  #5    $165.00

Sr. Skins
Mozingo – Martin  #2    $22.00
Larizza – Davis  #4 & 6    $44.00
Markham – Skorman  #8    $22.00
Weaver – Weaver  #9    $22.00

““ Allen Freeman

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