Chippewa Scratch League – Week 17 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

It was Cash & Steak Night at Rosemont Country Club on Monday, but the change in venue made little difference in the result: the year belongs to Dave Oates and Sam Spino.

Oates and Spino won the 12-hole jumble with a score of 2-under par 56, sliding past Doug Van Nostram and Kurt Peterson by one shot.

In addition to the win, Oates and Spino grabbed one of three skins made on the evening with a birdie on the third hole, good for another $186.

With the win and the skin, Oates and Spino are now nearly $700 up — each — on third place on the season-long money list, updated here. A pretty safe lead, undoubtedly.

There are still two more weeks in the Scratch League season, and the $100 Big Skins Game is going strong at 11:30 a.m. every Monday. The remaining September Mondays at Chippewa will be a great way to close the season…

Week 17 – 9/15/08: 12-Hole Jumble at Rosemont CC

1st – Oates – Spino      56       $430.00 Cash
2nd – Van Nostram – Peterson     57      $100.00
3rd – Markham – Skorman     58      $  50.00

Oates – Spino     #3      $186.00
Ziggy – Seever     #5      $186.00
Marr – Armour     #18      $186.00

Sr. Skins
M.Stiller – Leonard     #2      $  40.00
Barnes – Culver     #6      $  40.00
Cea – Grosso     #7      $  40.00
Kline – Kline     #9      $  40.00

— Allen Freeman

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