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Barrington’s Todd Casabella topped the list of seven Northeast Ohio teachers who earned a spot on the Golf Digest Best Teachers in Ohio ranking

Don’t let anything stop you from getting a warm-up in prior to teeing off! Use this set of quick lunges to get loose before you play.

Warm up for a round of golf in a short amount of time! The Windmill Twist is a quick exercise to use before playing to aid both upper and lower body mobility.

Lower back problems? A limited range of spine mobility? Try “Open Books” to free up your backswing!

Golf season is coming fast! Get to work stabilizing those hips to ensure a solid base for your spring swing.

It’s a fact: most male golfers in Northeast Ohio have tight hips which affect both the swing and lower back health. Check out some advice from Tim Neumann of Par 5 Performance to start fixing it!

Noted certified fitness instructor Tim Neumann of Par 5 Performance will author a monthly series of golf training tips for Northeast Ohio players starting Feb 20th.