Brick Goes Back-to-Back in 2011 Senior Cleveland Am

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Norton Brick 2011 Senior Cleveland Amateur Champion
Norton Brick of Elyria taps in for his second consecutive victory in the Senior Cleveland Amateur
Cleveland Amateur Golf ChampionshipsDefending champion Norton Brick of Elyria started the second round of the 2011 Senior Cleveland Amateur Golf Championship at Big Met Golf Course in Fairview Park with a two stroke lead in the 36-hole event.

He wasted little time increasing that lead — making five birdies and an eagle in his first sixteen holes — and in the process became a back-to-back winner.

With the tournament well in hand, Brick’s bogeyed the final two holes on the day. But his second round score of 35 – 34 = 69 was good for a 7-under par total of 137 and an extremely comfortable four stroke victory.

Wait, comfortable isn’t the right word. Dominant is. Brick dominated the field.

Fred Colli matched Brick’s 69 in the second round to win the 60 and Over Division and finish tied for second in the overall tournament with a 3-under par 141 total.

Colli tied Michael Mintz, who shot a steady 70-71 in what would be considered a solid performance by anyone’s standards, except when compared to the golf Brick played.

Scott Heran finished with an under par total as well, coming in at 2-under 142 for a solo fourth place finish.

Three players tied for fifth at even par 144, including Lorenzo Lanier who finished second in the 60 and Over Division.

Don Rader shot 79 – 76 = 155 to win the 70 and Over Division.


Big Met Golf Course, Fairview Park, Ohio – Par 72
Thursday and Friday, July 14 – 15, 2011

Brick, Norton6869137
Colli, Fred7269141
Mintz, Mike7071141
Heran, Scott7171142
Ciccarello, Mark7371144
Cohen, Warren7470144
Lanier, Lorenzo7173144
Herchek, Jim7273145
Lightner, David7174145
Miller, Jerry7571146
Najda, Raymond7670146
Iosue, John7573148
Pogachar, Marc7672148
Dietzel, Daniel7673149
Bollinger, Rick7773150
Hill, Rod7575150
Pluto, Keith7872150
Prokop, Ray7675151
Taylor, Greg7477151
Blackburn, Steve7973152
Crider, Randy7775152
Donofrio, David7874152
Flanigan, Tom7874152
McNiece, Ray7973152
Navis, Greg7577152
Niedzialek, John7577152
Timmons, Matt7775152
Peterson, Kevin7677153
Bania, Dan7777154
Margulies, Daniel8074154
Rositani, Ron7678154
Swanson, Doug7678154
Woznicki, Paul7678154
Labaj, Don7976155
Livak, Frank7580155
Rader, Don7976155
Halle, George7878156
Jirousek, Barry7878156
Millar, Mark7977156
Serrat, Jaime7680156
Ungar, Bill8274156
Cordiak, Pete7780157
Super Senior Division: 60 to 69 years of age
Top Finishers from field of 28 Players
Colli, Fred7269141
Lanier, Lorenzo7173144
Hill, Rod7575150
Donofrio, David7874152
Flanigan, Tom7874152
Peterson, Kevin7677153
Bania, Dan7777154
Labaj, Don7976155
Ungar, Bill8274156
Super Senior Gold Division, 70 years +
Rader, Don7976155
Rockow, Jimmy7584159
Stupica, Don8180161


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