The teams have been seeded into the 2021 NOGA Great Lakes Auto Scratch Series Four-Ball Match Play brackets based on the scores from the Four-Ball Championship on May 13the at Elyria Country Club.


All matches have been assigned a deadline date, as listed at the top of each bracket. This means the match MUST be played on or before that date with NO EXCEPTIONS. If the match is not played by the deadline date, a coin flip will be used to decide which player advances on in the bracket. It is necessary that the teams play their matches well in advance of the assigned dates by making their own arrangements. It is strongly suggested that both teams proactively contact each other to avoid deadline problems.

Match Play Deadline Dates:
Round of 32 – June 13
Round of 16 – July 4
Quarterfinals – July 25
Semifinal – August 15
Final – August 29

The lower seeded team (e.g. the #1 seed) in the bracket has the option to host the match. The team may defer to the higher seed (e.g. the #64 seed) to host, but only if both teams are in agreement. When traveling to another golf course for a match, players should expect to pay the NOGA Match Play Fee, which may vary based on the host facility. As a courtesy, it is the responsibility of the team hosting the match to make the facility aware of this policy.

The format for each match is 18-holes Four-Ball Match Play. Matches are to be played at scratch (no handicaps).

Tees for Matches:
Championship Division matches should play “Member” tees set at approximately 6,500 – 6,2900 yards. The Senior Division matches should play “Forward” tees set atapproximately 6,100 – 6,400 yards. A woman playing in either Division should play the Women’s Tees set approximately 85% of the men’s yardage or at a similar Course Rating.

Good luck to all contestants!

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