Get GHIN, Play NOGA: Join the Club!

NOHIO.GOLF Club: GHIN + NOGA Tournaments

It’s that time of year: time to renew your GHIN account (or start one up!) to get an official USGA handicap in preparation to play in the 2021 tournaments of the Northern Ohio Golf Association!

The annual membership fee for the NOHIO.GOLF Club remains the same as last year, just $39.

Our 320+ active members of the NOHIO.GOLF Club are welcome to renew their 2021 accounts at any time, at their convenience. Members who don’t pay their renewal fee before the end of March will have their account deactivated, but immediately restored upon receipt of payment. Payment options have been expanded to make renewals even easier.

Are you a past or current GHIN member looking to move your account? Maybe you left a private club? Or you had an account at a public course that you only play occasionally? You can join the NOHIO.GOLF Club online for just $39 and we’ll renew your account using your prior GHIN number, so all of your past scores remain!

Never had an official USGA handicap before? It’s easy to get one. Right after you register, you’ll get an email with complete instructions for posting scores using or the GHIN app on your mobile device, and for signing up for NOGA events.

Posting scores to GHIN for rounds played in Ohio can’t be done until April 1st. But if you travel and play this winter somewhere in the sunny south, those scores are eligible for posting now.

Support this website by becoming a member of the NOHIO.GOLF Club: it’s a super easy way to get access to GHIN, play NOGA events, and keep up with the news about golf in Northern Ohio!


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