2021 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 12 Results

Logo for the Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League, Doylestown Ohio

Adam ArmanWhat a perfect time for a field shot.

Adam Arman holed a 40-yard pitch from below the left bunker on the par-4 7th hole to make an eagle and sweep the entire carry-over skins pot in Week 12 of the Chippewa Scratch League.

Arman and partner Mike Patton shared a tidy $750 from that hole-out, as all other holes were tied, many with just two birdies.

Justin Trzebuckowski and Allen Freeman rolled in shooting a strong 7-under par 28 in the Better Ball format to win by three shots. Trzebuckowski nearly knocked out Arman’s eagle, pitching to inches short dead in the heart of the cup on the seventh.

Mike Simpson continues to hold the top spot on the Leaderboard with Jimmy Wild his closest pursuer, while Trzebuckowski and Freeman slide into the T3 spot with six weeks to go in the season…

Week 12 Results:
2021 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Front 9: Better Ball
Monday, August 16, 2021

1st: Allen Freeman / Justin Trzebuckowski (28) $240.00
T2nd: Matt Frey / Max Decheco (31) $115.00
T2nd: Mike Armour / Jason Chadima (31) $115.00
4th: Ryan Stefanski / Jimmy Wild (32) $40.00
17 teams competed

SKINS: $750.00
Adam Arman / Mike Patton #7 (2) $750.00


Mike Simpson$1,072.94$561.78$511.16
Jimmy Wild$777.15$575.48$201.67
Allen Freeman$594.11$549.11$45.00
Justin Trzebuckowski$594.11$549.11$45.00
Jim Krivanek$553.66$210.33$343.33
Ryan Stefanski$473.00$381.00$92.00
Bobby Harmon$471.38$148.88$322.50
Eric Coleman$471.38$148.88$322.50
Matt Frey$403.65$261.98$141.67
Conner McCaulley$394.00$330.00$64.00
Tommy Miano$394.00$330.00$64.00
Adam Arman$375.00$0.00$375.00
Mike Patton$375.00$0.00$375.00
Vaughn Snyder$307.42$205.42$102.00
Dave Snyder$258.67$156.67$102.00
John Karamas$245.84$189.17$56.67
Shaun Kloetzer$245.84$189.17$56.67
Dave Oates$236.75$182.25$54.50
Bob Berkheimer$236.25$66.25$170.00
Dennis Berkheimer$236.25$66.25$170.00
Chris Helaney$215.21$55.21$160.00
Mike Armour$209.50$177.50$32.00
Bernie Chupek$196.88$96.88$100.00
Aaron Czetli$170.83$57.50$113.33
Sam Spino$166.75$134.75$32.00
Jim Grosso$152.00$120.00$32.00
Chris Okeson$142.50$142.50$0.00
Rob Schustrich$142.50$142.50$0.00
Kevin Miller$120.00$120.00 
Mitch Levengood$120.00$120.00$0.00
Bobby Spino$115.00$115.00$0.00
Troy Mikesell$113.33$53.33$60.00
Tyler Watkins$105.00$105.00$0.00
Nate Matthews$101.67$41.67$60.00
Ty Kovach$83.96$83.96$0.00
Shayne Bishop$82.50$82.50$0.00
Aaron Crewse$82.08$82.08$0.00
Ron Seese$69.48$69.48 
Chris Ramaglia$60.00$0.00$60.00
Bill Richards$59.48$59.48$0.00
Jason Chadima$57.50$57.50$0.00
Max DeCheco$57.50$57.50$0.00
Adrian Flatico$41.67$41.67 
Colton Vincelette$25.00$25.00$0.00
Dylan Erks$25.00$25.00$0.00
Kyle Jacob$17.81$17.81 
Rob Walgate$17.81$17.81 
Brian LeMaster$10.00$10.00 
Russ Rybka$1.88$1.88$0.00