2021 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 10 Results

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Justin Trzebuckowski drove the first green to 6-feet, he and partner Allen Freeman both made the putt, and it jump-started their way to a win in the Shamble Format in Week 10 of the 2021 Chippewa Scratch League.

In a lightly attended session, Trzebuckowski and Freeman shot 6-under par 64 and nipped season-long leader Mike Simpson and Dave Oates by one shot.

Week 10 Results:
2021 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Front 9: Shamble Combined
Monday, August 2, 2021

1st: Al Freeman / Justin Trzebuckowski (64) $175.00
2nd: Dave Oates / Mike Simpson (65) $95.00
9 teams competed

Skins: $180.00
Al Freeman / Justin Trzebuckowski #1 (4) $45.00
Eric Coleman / Bobby Harmon #4 (6) $45.00
Dave Oates / Mike Simpson #7 (7) $45.00
Al Freeman / Justin Trzebuckowski #8 (7) $45.00


Mike Simpson$977.94$466.78$511.16
Jimmy Wild$757.15$555.48$201.67
Jim Krivanek$553.66$210.33$343.33
Bobby Harmon$471.38$148.88$322.50
Eric Coleman$471.38$148.88$322.50
Ryan Stefanski$453.00$361.00$92.00
Allen Freeman$441.61$396.61$45.00
Justin Trzebuckowski$441.61$396.61$45.00
Conner McCaulley$394.00$330.00$64.00
Tommy Miano$394.00$330.00$64.00
Matt Frey$346.15$204.48$141.67
Vaughn Snyder$274.92$172.92$102.00
John Karamas$245.84$189.17$56.67
Shaun Kloetzer$245.84$189.17$56.67
Dave Oates$236.75$182.25$54.50
Bob Berkheimer$236.25$66.25$170.00
Dennis Berkheimer$236.25$66.25$170.00
Dave Snyder$226.17$124.17$102.00
Chris Helaney$215.21$55.21$160.00
Aaron Czetli$170.83$57.50$113.33
Sam Spino$166.75$134.75$32.00
Jim Grosso$152.00$120.00$32.00
Mike Armour$152.00$120.00$32.00
Chris Okeson$142.50$142.50$0.00
Rob Schustrich$142.50$142.50$0.00
Kevin Miller$120.00$120.00 
Mitch Levengood$120.00$120.00$0.00
Troy Mikesell$113.33$53.33$60.00
Bernie Chupek$101.88$1.88$100.00
Nate Matthews$101.67$41.67$60.00
Ty Kovach$83.96$83.96$0.00
Shayne Bishop$82.50$82.50$0.00
Aaron Crewse$82.08$82.08$0.00
Ron Seese$69.48$69.48 
Chris Ramaglia$60.00$0.00$60.00
Bill Richards$59.48$59.48$0.00
Adrian Flatico$41.67$41.67 
Colton Vincelette$25.00$25.00$0.00
Dylan Erks$25.00$25.00$0.00
Bobby Spino$20.00$20.00$0.00
Kyle Jacob$17.81$17.81 
Rob Walgate$17.81$17.81 
Brian LeMaster$10.00$10.00 
Tyler Watkins$10.00$10.00$0.00
Russ Rybka$1.88$1.88$0.00
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