The October 2020 Rounds Played Report has been released by Golf Datatech, and it shows that Greater Cleveland area golf courses enjoyed a 14.7% increase over the numbers from Oct 2019.

If a 14.7% increase seems low given the run of four straight 20% monthly increases already seen in 2020, it’s only because last year October was a spectacular month for golf as well: October 2019 was up 34% over the 2018 numbers!

A month of sunny, dry weather helped boost the October 2020 totals.

For the state of Ohio, rounds were up 18.7% in October 2020 vs. 2019, and the year-to-date are up 10.2% in total. Golf Datatech is not maintaining Year-to-Date totals by city due to COVID shutdowns affecting those aggregate numbers.

For the USA in total, October rounds played were up 32.2% and YTD totals are up 10.8%.

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