2020 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 6 Results

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The father/son duo of Dave and Vaughn Snyder shot 3-under par 69 in the combined score shamble format over the back nine at Chippewa on Monday, to win Week 6 of the 2020 Scratch League.

The pair also nabbed one of three skins earned on the evening, boosting them to the top of the 2020 Leaderboard one-third of the way through the season.

John Karamas and Shaun Kloetzer also bettered their standing on the Leaderboard, cashing again after last week’s victory, this time with a T3 and a skin. They now stand in fifth position.

For most of the day, Monday’s game looked like it might not happen because of rain. But a clearing after 3p left a beautiful evening, and a healthy 21 teams took advantage…

Week 6 Results:
2020 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Shamble Combined: Back 9
Monday, June 22, 2020

1st: Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder (69) $315.00
2nd: Tommy Miano / Connor McCaulley (71) $126.00
3rd: John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer (72) $94.50
T4th: Matt Frey / Jimmy Wild (73) $31.50
T4th: Adam Arman / Mike Patton (73) $31.50
T4th: Shayne Bishop / Kenny Koprivec (73) $31.50
21 teams competed

John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer #13 (7) $140.00
Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder #16 (7) $140.00
John Toth / Max DeCheco #17 (4) $140.00


Dave Snyder$375.50$265.50$110.00
Vaughn Snyder$375.50$265.50$110.00
John Kabasky$301.00$81.00$220.00
Nate Petry$301.00$81.00$220.00
John Karamas$239.13$169.13$70.00
Shaun Kloetzer$239.13$169.13$70.00
Bobby Spino$227.75$147.75$80.00
Dave Trier$201.88$106.88$95.00
Dean Cutlip$201.88$106.88$95.00
Dan Marr$185.00$105.00$80.00
Adam Arman$173.25$15.75$157.50
Mike Patton$173.25$15.75$157.50
Jimmy Wild$165.75$165.75$0.00
Matt Frey$165.75$165.75$0.00
Jason Chadima$158.00$63.00$95.00
Mike Armour$158.00$63.00$95.00
Allen Freeman$135.50$135.50$0.00
Ty Kovach$135.50$135.50$0.00
Ken Koprivec$120.75$120.75$0.00
Shayne Bishop$120.75$120.75$0.00
Chris Okeson$108.00$108.00$0.00
Rob Schustrich$108.00$108.00$0.00
Aaron Czetli$105.00$0.00$105.00
Mike Simpson$105.00$0.00$105.00
Bobby Harmon$100.50$100.50$0.00
Eric Coleman$100.50$100.50$0.00
John Patakos$70.50$18.00$52.50
Mike Shisler$70.50$18.00$52.50
John Toth$70.00$0.00$70.00
Max DeCheco$70.00$0.00$70.00
Conner McCaulley$63.00$63.00$0.00
Matt Gasser$63.00$63.00$0.00
Tim Hepner$63.00$63.00$0.00
Tommy Miano$63.00$63.00$0.00
Justin Trzebuckowski$49.50$9.50$40.00
Jeff Mallette$42.75$42.75$0.00
Tyler Watkins$40.00$0.00$40.00
Chris Ramaglia$9.50$9.50$0.00
Jeff Dean$9.50$9.50$0.00
Jim Niskanen$9.50$9.50$0.00
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